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Sep 6, 2012 12:00 PM

Marche Adonis coming to Mississauga?

This middle eastern grocery store is sure stop every time we go to Montreal's west island. My sister in law (from Montreal) tells me that they are opening in Mississauga. If true that would be a fantastic addition to the grocery store landscape. It would be like a middle eastern T and T but more upscale with a huge butcher counter bakery etc. Does anyone have any info they can share about this?

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    1. I wonder where they are opening up in Mississauga? It seems as if they're associated with the Metro chain, so, my guess might be an old Metro location?? I know the one at Creditview and Eglinton closed down...perhaps that might be the spot?? At one point, Arz Bakery was supposed to open up in Heartland...not sure what's going on with that. This Marche Adonis spot sounds like it's awesome!

      1. Hmmm. Looks like they sell Black Forest ham and pork products in their Montreal locations, so I'm not sure how that would fly with Mississauga's Muslim shoppers. Flyer offerings looked so-so. This end of town isn't exactly bereft of what they supposedly sell. Looks interesting.

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          The only one I have been to is on the west island. While it has, I believe, a small Halal section I do not think that that store's target customers are the muslim shoppers. There are a lot of middle eastern peoples in Canada that are not Muslim perhaps more so on the West Island than in Mississauga? I am not aware of any store in the GTA that would compare to Adonis. If there is, please let me know so that I can check them out.

          1. re: LJS2

            It's a very diverse population in terms of nationality, sect, and faith(Assyrian Christians, Maronites, Copts, Sephardic Jews). Halal meats are widely available now but it's the variety of specific regional cuisines that's tough to source for anyone with an interest in but no direct connection to the communities and their foods. Most shops are small and inconspicuous, so a one-stop, large store would be welcome.

          2. re: Kagemusha

            What most stores do (including Adonis in Mtl, Sunny's at Don Mills and Eg and Arz on Lawrence) is have a separate Halal only selections. Separate slicers, fridges, freezers, display cases etc.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Bonjour de Montréal.

              I go to their oldest location at Sauvé and Acadie several times a year, (the closest to me but not truly close, and I don't have a car) and while they sell ham and other non-halal foods, I'm sure the halal products are kept apart from them, as there are many visibly Muslim customers (distinctive headscarves etc) as well as people from other faiths or none. They often have very good prices.

            2. Oh lord, I hope so! I would totally rent a car for a few hours and do a massive shop. Their prepared foods are great, too -- the various phyllo bites and mini pitas make an appearance at every family party.

              1. It is here in Mississauga, Ontario right across our! Few steps from home..closest intersection: Eglinton and Creditview!

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                  1. re: Michael N

                    I was in Montreal over the holidays. I made my usual trek to the west island Adonis. I spoke to the manager who told me that their Mississauga store will open in about three months. It will be a bit smaller than the west island store (that one is about 30000 square feet). This will be the first of four stores to be opened in Ontario. Apparently the next one will open in Ottawa.
                    I hope the stores will be similar to the ones in Quebec. I guess we will find out soon enough.

                    1. re: LJS2

                      They will no doubt get a good reception in Ottawa, where many Middle Eastern people and aficionados of Middle-Eastern foods are already familiar with the Montréal, Montréal West Island and Laval stores.

                  2. re: jhimmyBhoy

                    Drove by this a.m. after a New Year's haul from Starsky's. It's FAR from open--90 days sounds about right. It's in a medium-sized grocery space in a sleepy old corner plaza formerly occupied by a Dominion then Metro--both losers in that Creditview/Eglinton 'hood.

                    1. re: Kagemusha

                      I remember that corner. It's always been a tough one for Dominion/Metro - but that may just be specific to them. Hopefully Adonis succeeds.

                      1. re: pakmode

                        Merch at those stores was always mismatched to the area--being open 24hrs was all the site ever had going for it. NoFrills over at Mavis+Eglinton is usually busy as hell. Looking forward to Adonis.