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Sep 6, 2012 11:05 AM

LeVel33 vs. Au Jardin - Singapore

We'll be in Singapore for 3 days next month. My guest is a vegetarian. We've decided that our 1st two dinners will be at Indochine Waterfront and Equinox. View, ambiance and food are important. Should our last dinner be at LeVel33 or Au Jardin Les Amis?

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  1. If you're already doing Equinox, then Level33 is pretty much the same view but from a different angle or vantage point. If I'm you, I'll be better off going to Au Jardin Les Amis, where you get a colonial bungalow amidst flora ambience, and very quiet & secluded.

    1. M_Gomez is right - you can do with a change of scene by choosing Au Jardin Les Amis. That said, I hadn't been back there for a long while, so can't vouch for its food. But Les Amis does set high standards for its restaurants. Prices can be quite high though.

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        I have been twice this year, though I cannot comment on the last occasion as there was a guest chef cooking.

        On my earlier visit, food was good and classic - I would be careful putting it any higher than that. That said, it's not as expensive and formal as it used to be when Galvin Lim was in charge. You can now have a 4-course dinner plus trimmings for $110++

        1. re: Julian Teoh

          S$110! That's quite a bargain in the "new" Singapore dining scene which came with inflated prices along with the advent of the casinos. I paid S$220 (excluding drinks) at Jason Atherton's Pollen @ Gardens by the Bay last weekend. I'd rate the food there 4 out of 10, whereas its London sibling, Pollen Street Social, would be 7 out of 10 in comparison.