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Sep 6, 2012 10:40 AM

Place to watch football

Hi, my mom is coming to visit this weekend, and we want a good bar to go and watch the USC-Syracuse game. Any recommendations? We are staying near the Magnificent Mile, and don't mind a good walk. Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Edit: I forgot to mention, the football game is in the afternoon, ~2:30-6.

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  1. Depending on how many other games are going on that feature local/regional teams, you might be hard-pressed to find a bar that will be showing this one.

    Having said that, Rock Bottom has a huge number of televisions and is very close to Michigan Avenue. Beer is decent, food is... meh. They have a spectacular rooftop deck, though, for pre/post game drinks. Haymarket, in the West Loop, is another brewpub -- I like their beer more than Rock Bottom, but I also think they're a little more hit or miss. Food is not so impressive (for me -- but I've heard reports of recent changes for the better). But they also have a large number of televisions all around the room.

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      Thanks for the info. I have actually watched a game at Rock Bottom before, and they do have a good setup.

    2. This is so cool.

      Anybody else go to the bar to watch football with Mom when she comes to visit?

      1. Sable usually has a game on the TV in their bar/lounge area. Great cocktails. Fun small plates. Hopefully they'll be quiet enough that you can change the channel to whatever game it is that you want.

        Very close to Mag Mile.

        1. Not sure if this website is completely up to date, but it's good concept. Just as with NFL teams, some bars focus on certain teams because of large local alumni populations.
          (None of these are walking distance from Mag Mile, assuming you're SC fans, but thought the link would be interesting.)

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            Thanks! This is great. I think we will definitely go to one of the SC bars.

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              Maybe call to confirm that the bar you choose is still an SC bar . . .

          2. Rock Bottom is a good suggestion. Might also try Jake Melnick's, too.

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              Theory on Hubbard has TVs in each booth that can be changed and if you call, they may agree that your game will be one on the switch.