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Sep 6, 2012 10:38 AM

Last minute trip & dinner Friday night in SF- Help with Dinner!

Taking a last minute trip to the city tomorrow. Looking for a place for dinner.. having a hard time deciding, but these are some of the places that are on my radar:

Bar Tartine
Bar Agricole
AQ Restaurant & Bar

We are very adventurous eaters, like everything, are gluten free, and are looking for something that isn't too over the top expensive... I appreciate everyone's suggestions and opinions! :)

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  1. Outerlands is the odd man out, and as the name describes, it's remote from the rest of the places. Before you even listen to us, you should check opentable or call the places to see if there are availabilities.

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      Unlike the others, Outerlands does not take reservations. The main reason for making the trek out there is for the wonderful bread, served in thick chewy slices. But if one is GF, I'd reconsider unless you have reason to be in the neighborhood. Driving out there from the central city on a friday night is not my idea of a good time. Also keep in mind that available seats may be outside (no heaters and unprotected from the wind) and there will be an even longer wait for one indoors. Be prepared for waiting outdoors for a table to open up, freezing in the bone-chilling fog and wind. By this I mean a hat, warm scarf, boots, wool socks, sweaters, mittens, and heavy coat. The restaurant does have a pile of blankets for customers, but seniors and children get first dibs and anyone who looks relatively youthful with strong blood circulation will miss out. If you're concerned about cooties even those communal afghans might be out of bounds.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks for the heads-up, especially on the bread since we won't be enjoying it!! We will have our car, and are planning on being in the city for a few hours in the afternoon and then heading down to San Carlos for the rest of the weekend. We will also have our five-yearold very well behaved daughter with us.... She is used to going out to dinner to nice restaurants with us, so that should not be an issue!

      2. re: hyperbowler

        All of the restaurants currently have availability...

        1. re: Carbear99

          I would say that AQ would probably be best given the GF factor, especially if you want dessert.

      3. Make sure you can get reservations or prepare for super long waits. Outerlands seems to not fit in with the rest (Outerlands being comfort food and distinctly cheaper than the rest). Based on reputation, it doesn't feel like special night out at all.

        For the rest if I had to group them,

        Canteen is expertly done california cusine done in a cozy diner type atmosphere.

        My understanding is that Bar Tartine and Bar Agricole are more vibe-y places than Canteen. Not in a trendy bad way, but lots of energy. The board finds the food at Bar Agricole not so great. The food at both is not molecular gastronomie. Just innovative food with great ingredients.

        Commonwealth & AQ are more experimental molecular food types with sous-vide machines and foam. Commonwealth does not have cocktails, and is bustling but not loud energy. AQ has cocktails and is bustling and vibe-y like Bar Tartine and Bar Agricole.