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Sep 6, 2012 10:27 AM

FF pizza St-Henri


I was wondering if anybody has tried this pizza place (FF pizza on Notre-Dame O. - neon green decor)? They have some interesting pizzas listed on their online menu (BPM - brie prociutto honey, for example), and I'm thinking of checking it out tomorrow for lunch.

Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. One of my good friend really likes the place, I havent tried it yet but have been meaning to. Let us know how it is!

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    1. re: sophie.brunet

      Here's my delayed review lol.
      We were 8 people and we all ordered a trio which included choice of salad, drink and pizza (20$). I had the white pizza which had ricotta and spinach as main ingredients. I liked the crust which had a bit of the chewiness of a nan bread. Everybody else seemed to have enjoyed their pizza also. We also had the home made lemonade which was a bit of a let down, not cold enough, lacked freshness. I also think their pizza can be a bit more generous on the size and the toppings, but I do understand they're trying to make it "gourmet".
      What I like a lot though, is their range of hot sauces. Certainly adds some kick to the food. So like the others have said, it's decent, not amazing, but good.

    2. I've only had takeout from there - it was decent pizza. Thin crust, good toppings - far from the best I've had in Montreal, but certainly more than acceptable.

      1. Finally went there, place is nice, service was very good, friendly. Like cherylmtl said, its decent pizza, my only complain really was the tomato sauce. It had this really strong taste of dried oregano and I was missing that clean, fresh tomato-y taste. And since there was a lot of sauce it kind of camouflaged the rest of the pizza, which is too bad because it had potential.

        1. I've been ordering their delivery - unless there is another place I'm unaware of, I'd say it's the best delivery in south west (I'm in the Pointe, and it's hard to get non-chain-pizza delivered).

          Pizzas are good, though hit and miss. Agree with above comments re: size, toppings, crust - ideally, you'd get a little better value but it's not bad. They have an early-week special, second pizza is 50% off, so a dinner for 2 comes to around $22 with tip.

          I've tried a number of the varieties - prefer: spinach ricotta, weed eater, the one with prosciutto/brie/honey, smoked meat and mexican. The more conventional options (tout garnie) are quite bland.

          I think they're great, given the available options!

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          1. re: deadchildstar

            Nice to see some positive reviews of this place, I just assumed it was a Tomato clone and wouldn't be worth checking out. Might reconsider now!

            1. re: afoodyear

              Agreed. Am a actually a big fan for what it is. No its not the best pizza ever - but it merits good words for its freshness and very reasonable price. Oh and the ceaser salad there is killer. I mean extremely tasty. There's a good deal where you add $4 to any pizza and get a drink and half salad - and the salads are generous portions so you'll find its more than enough. The online ordering system is pretty efficient and my pizzas are always toasty warm when they get to my door. I'd say they have a good thing going there.

              1. re: harbars

                We ordered the 4 pizzas for $39 deal today and I have to say that their product exceeded my expectations. We tried the pepperoni (the large Brooklyn-style pizza pepperoni, nice and peppery), the weed eater (prosciutto and arugula type deal — fresh salad served separately so it did not wilt, with a balsamic vinaigrette), Mexican (merguez sausage based and did not hold back on the heat) and the F+F veggie (with ricotta, green olives and capers — very nice.) They have a thinner, chewy crust and a decent red tomato sauce and everything bakes up like a healthier version of a greasy spoon diner forno favorite.

                However, I am unlikely to order from them again because I live in NDG and it took over an hour and a half to receive our food (when we were quoted less than 40 minutes.) I would recommend them to anyone in the area though because the price is reasonable and it's loads better than Pizza Pizza, Dominos, etc. if that would be your fallback.

          2. I wasn't too impressed.The topping are good but they need to work on they're sauce and crust.