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Sep 6, 2012 10:02 AM

Vegan suggestions for Rosh Hashonna

I just found this board and hope others will help. Have dear nephew who is vegan and it's always hard to provide for him at holiday time. We are HUGE carnivores and always have roast meat or chicken. Would like to find a dish that both carnivores would eat as side dish and DN could eat as main course, which is almost impossible. Have access to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Carnivores do eat large variety of veggies, which is a plus; often don't turn up noses at veggie broth or soy butter substitutes. However, the dish needs to be tasty as family is very picky. Please send recipe suggetions, thanks!

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  1. I serve stuffed vegetables on RH. In some communities it is even traditional!
    And if you want to get complicated, you can make two batches of stuffing -- one with meat and one without.
    Chickpeas with greens is also nice.
    And sweet potato/carrot -tsimis type dishes without the meat.

    1. Twice baked sweet potatoes. You can top nephews with crunchy crumbled tempeh.
      Stuffed acorn or butter nut squash? Barley, craisins, vegetable broth...
      Grilled veggie and tofu platter. Or seitan. I recently made seitan in a lemon/basil marinade that was delish.

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        Stuffed acorn or butter nut squash? Barley, craisins, vegetable broth...
        i was going to suggest some type of lentil dish with warm spices, squash, apples and raisins. so perhaps stuffed squash with a spiced lentil & fruit medley would be the perfect hybrid? and toasted nuts would add another layer of flavor & texture...

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          I remember seeing a savory Stuffed apple dish. It had mushrooms,lentils, and I think barley. The lentils could prob be omitted if you don't eat them

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              Similar. What I saw was a whole apple with most of the apple scooped out. iirc there was a turkey version and veg version. Just can't remember!

      2. Was just about to post the very same question! This will be our first year celebrating Rosh Hashanah as vegans. We have lots of ideas--but looking for some extra-special holiday-type ideas...

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          One possibility might be to look at some Sephardic recipes vs. Ashkenazi. Sephardic Jews have a much more Middle Eastern diet, with influences from Spain and North Africa. One year I cooked a Sephardic-style Pesach meal for my family and everyone raved about the food. I think adapting the recipes to be vegan would be pretty straightforward.

        2. I do a vegan stuffed cabbage that is really good.

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            I always omit the ground turkey, and you can use vegetable stock or water instead of the chicken stock. One can each of the black beans and chickpeas is a lot (2 cans of each was an excessive amount of beans). 1/4 tsp of cayenne is more than enough. A Moroccan friend of mine really struggled with the heat when I first made it with the 1 tsp as initially outlined in the recipe.

            There were a few other vegetarian side dishes that could be mains described in this thread (I posted the rice and beans dish there, too):


            That thread serves a different purpose, but has a similar end goal.