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Sep 6, 2012 09:55 AM

Potato kugel question

Planning to make potato kugel as side dish with eye of rib roast for Rosh Hashonna. Here is my question - I only have one very large oven. The roast starts out at high heat (400), then gets turned down to 300 for slow roast. The kugel recipe I have suggest 400 for an hour. I am making a 9X13 dish, which might fit in my toaster oven/convection oven. Advice? should I cook at low heat in big oven or make in toaster convection oven? I don't think it would taste good made ahead and re-heated, but could do that as well - suggestions please? Thanks!

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  1. The entire genre of kugel was invented by people who were making food ahead, because they couldn't cook on Shabbos. Reheated potato kugel is not quite as excellent as fresh, true, but it'll be fine. Make it in advance and reheat it at 300 with your rib roast.

    That said, I have heard very good things about making a potato kugel in a crock pot. I haven't done it myself, and can't offer specific suggestions, but I'm sure others here can.

    1. If the pan will fit in your toaster oven, make it there. Making the potato kugel at 300 degrees will give you a mushy consistency. Part of the higher heat rationale is to dry out the potatoes and onions and let the pieces off the potato have a little bite to them and develop a nice brown crust on the top and sides.. Baking at 300 for a couple of hours will yield a kugel with the consistency of reconstituted potatoes, or a kugel made with potatoes that have been boiled, put through a ricer and mixed with onions and placed in the oven to brown.

      A good potato kugel should not be like eating baked mashed potatoes and onions, but have pieces of potato that you can feel in your mouth.

      And as GilaB suggested making ahead and reheating is fine. Potato kugel is a staple in my freezer. Never know when the kids will want it.

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        I am a kugel queen. Do not slow roast it. Either put it in the other oven or make it ahead. I always make mine on Thursday night for Shabbos. I disagree on freezer kugel. I don't think it tastes good reheated from the freezer.

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          As for a frozen Kugel, It will taste fine IF you defrost it before heating. I would not advocate heating a frozen kugel.

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            I always freeze extra potato kugels because you never know when you will need 1.....that said, I bake it ¾ of the way before freezing, and when I need it, I add about 1 cup plain water yo the pan, put in my convection oven at 375° for about 2 hours covered. Granted the texture is not the same as fresh, but its different in a good way. A well know rebitzen in my community does this and swears( affirms ?? Lol) by this method.

      2. I use the convection setting on my toaster oven to bake and it works fabulously. It cooks faster, so keep an eye on it and you'll be fine.