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Sep 6, 2012 09:24 AM


I thought there was a generic board on this topic, but suppose not.

I'm going to Roanoke today for lunch and was checking out their restaurants - they've open a few more new ones since I was there quite a while back. Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill caught my eye and was wondering if anyone here has given them a try? They get very good reviews on other sites, but nothing on the roast beef po-boy which, when made/cooked correctly, will own my heart forever.

Any other Cajun openings that you're aware of?

Big Easy - Plano
Bayou Boys - Lewisville - also a little market that carries Camellia brand beans
Pierre's Mardi Gras - Arlington (went here when it was on Hwy 10 in Euless(?) - not impressed)

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  1. Off the top of my head

    Papadeaux - Decent
    Razoos's - Decent
    I think there's a few in Allen but I don't remember where it was.

    1. Bayou Jack's was a pleasant surprise, though the roast beef po-boy was far from authentic. I mean yellow cheese instead of gravy??? C'mon. But the gumbo (with okra) was very acceptable and the red beans and rice was chocked full of andouille slices - served in a bowl due to the good soupy and flavorful bean liquor, which is how I like it. The shrimp was dipped in a seasoned batter and fried, but were not overly battered and they were cooked to absolute perfection - tender and moist.

      Despite my disappointment with the po-boy, I'll definitely return to try other items. Oysters on the half are about $1/ea by the dozen and a little more than that for grilled oysters - my next visit.

      1. Alligator Cafe is pretty good.

        1. Nate's Seafood? Midway at Beltline in Addison.

          1. Boo Ray's... had a couple nice experiences there! Out on Boat Club Rd. - Ft. Worth.

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              Looks like a good menu to try. Thanks!