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I thought there was a generic board on this topic, but suppose not.

I'm going to Roanoke today for lunch and was checking out their restaurants - they've open a few more new ones since I was there quite a while back. Bayou Jack's Cajun Grill caught my eye and was wondering if anyone here has given them a try? They get very good reviews on other sites, but nothing on the roast beef po-boy which, when made/cooked correctly, will own my heart forever.

Any other Cajun openings that you're aware of?

Big Easy - Plano
Bayou Boys - Lewisville - also a little market that carries Camellia brand beans
Pierre's Mardi Gras - Arlington (went here when it was on Hwy 10 in Euless(?) - not impressed)

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  1. Off the top of my head

    Papadeaux - Decent
    Razoos's - Decent
    I think there's a few in Allen but I don't remember where it was.

    1. Bayou Jack's was a pleasant surprise, though the roast beef po-boy was far from authentic. I mean yellow cheese instead of gravy??? C'mon. But the gumbo (with okra) was very acceptable and the red beans and rice was chocked full of andouille slices - served in a bowl due to the good soupy and flavorful bean liquor, which is how I like it. The shrimp was dipped in a seasoned batter and fried, but were not overly battered and they were cooked to absolute perfection - tender and moist.

      Despite my disappointment with the po-boy, I'll definitely return to try other items. Oysters on the half are about $1/ea by the dozen and a little more than that for grilled oysters - my next visit.

      1. Alligator Cafe is pretty good.

        1. Nate's Seafood? Midway at Beltline in Addison.

          1. Boo Ray's... had a couple nice experiences there! Out on Boat Club Rd. - Ft. Worth.

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              Looks like a good menu to try. Thanks!

            2. Does Boyd count??

              Saw this place:


              On this site:

              and this article:

              (Just FYI about the article, Loco Cafe changed up their breakfast hash brown recipe from before so I am on a bit of a boycott....it made my breakfast complete there. It is still a great place. I usually get the johnny cakes. Also Czech Stop is not the best bakery in West, TX. Better options are Geriks about a block down to the east on the main road, Oak St, and Village Bakery in "downtown" west on the Oak St)

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                With the shortage of good southern LA food in N. Central TX (we have just about everything else), anyplace would count, short of driving 5 hours to S. LA.... and Boyd's not that far. The more I read the name, I think I remember seeing something about GoGoGumbo a few years ago. Has it always been in Boyd? The "TV Dinner" looks inviting. Thanks.

                The pancakes at Loco Cafe look amazing! and I know you've cautioned about the Czech Stop in the past. I've stopped at a pretty bad one in West, years ago right on the interstate, next door to (maybe) a gas station/convenience store(?)

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                  Gogogumbo is definitely worth the trip. They've been there a couple of years now. Word of advise. They open @ 4:00. Get there early or the wait is significant.

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                  Czech Stop is so overrated. Cocoanut, yes, this is the one next to the gas station. Yet I still stop there for goodies when going to College Station, mainly because I feel I have to! Thanks lewisvillehounder for the alternate recommendations. I'll definitely try a new one next trip.

                3. Question: as a centrally located place to meet a group between Sulphur Springs and Grapevine, I'll be going to Big Easy in the near future. I don't know if anyone's eaten there recently, but is there anything to avoid or rave about - the folks I'm meeting have never eaten there? I've had the gumbo, fried catfish, shrimp creole, roast beef po-boy and sauteed shrimp/fried green tomato po-boy (lunch special) - all met reasonable expectations with the gumbo being the best of the bunch, although the sauteed shrimp was pretty tasty. Thanks

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                    Winners today were ridiculously rich peanut butter pie and better than my grandmother's buttery, *light* bread pudding.

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                      Fishmongers around the corner is owned by the same owners as Big Easy. The bread pudding there is the only bread pudding my wife and I order. No one has come close except Feast in Houston. We prefer Big Easy over all the other cajun places in town. The Roast Beef Po Boy is the only one I have seen come with an awesome gravy with "debris"

                      Now if you could get some decent boudin from a source in the Cajun/Acadien country around Lafayette. A good place to start is here to get the bearings.


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                        The bread pudding at Nate's is awesome, likewise their etouffee and gumbo with the dark roux. And their crawdads by the pound. And their fresh shucked. My only objection there is smoking at the bar.

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                          And, you can still smell that cigarette smoke at the far end of the restaurant seating area.
                          It's actually the only reason we don't go there anymore. Otherwise, we would.
                          The same go's for Lefty's as well as well.

                  2. Has anybody tried Frilly's in Denton? (the original one on Denison St)
                    I've been there a couple of times, when visiting my sister. We've found it to be very good.

                    1. Going to New Orleans tomorrow and will have lunch at Prejean's in Lafayette - can't wait. Have been disappointed by most places locally, especially Frilly's. Had good poor boys at Wicked Poor Boy's in Richardson but the space is too small. Also had a good lunch at Flying Fish in Firewheel.

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                        I also thought the space at Wicked Po' Boys was way too small and cramped! Good enough food but, very uncomfortable atmosphere.

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                          Wicked Po-Boys is opening a second, larger store in Preston Center West....


                      2. I haven't been there, but when I asked my "cajun" friends where to go for crawfish, more than one suggested Dodies. There are several locations and I think some are better than others.

                        1. I've never been to this place, but I've been meaning to check it out.


                          1. Dodies is pretty good. The muffaletta is excellent. The shrimp po-boy and the oyster po-boy are quite good too. The red beans and rice, the one time I ordered it, was cooked down quite a bit more than I like, almost to a paste consistency. Some people like it like that. I prefer the beans to still be whole, at the point of breaking up.

                            I haven't had the gumbo or etouffee or jambalaya. I thought that Dodie's crawfish was expensive and overcooked, so I don't order that there. Pappadeaux's and Razoo's both serve consistently good and rarely overcooked crawfish.

                            By and large, I tend to prefer my own Cajun cooking over that of any restaurant.