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Sep 6, 2012 09:17 AM

Time to retire dishes and cookware?

My everyday dishes and cups have numerous scuff marks on them but are otherwise fine. DH says to get rid of them. Is it time?

Also have a stainless roaster that has a bit of pitting. Only used at Thanksgiving and a similar replacement would be costly. Are we ingesting something toxic?

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  1. "numerous scuff marks on them but are otherwise fine"

    Hey, I have a silk sport jacket that is stained but otherwise fine. Of course I don't wear it, I just hate to get rid of it because there is nothing wrong with it other than it looks shabby due to numerous stains.

    Among the reasons we buy a set of dishware is because they look nice. Many of us, like you seem to, have two sets of dishware, everyday and one that looks even nicer.

    So now your everyday dishware doesn't look so nice any more. To repeat, how they looked was a consideration in their purchase. Why wouldn't it be a consideration in their replacement?

    1. I think the stainless roaster that has some pitting is fine.

      1. If you don't like the looks of the tablewear you use, and you have the money, why not replace it? Kind of wasteful to throw away stuff that has nothing seriously wrong with it, but people do it anyway, especially in America.

        I don't see that there should be any problem with the roaster. Even if there were rust in the pits, unlikely with stainless steel (and I assume you'd scrub it out anyway), it takes a lot of rust in your food to cause any long-term health problems.

        1. < Is it time? >

          It is up to you. They are functional, but may not look good. Your choice to keep them or not.

          <Are we ingesting something toxic?>

          I don't think so.

          1. Every time I retire a dish it goes in the tile pile. Eventually those tired dishes get broken into shards and become tiles for a mirror, tabletop or box project. I have never found the need to literally throw one out...replace with new and repurpose the old.