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Sep 6, 2012 09:14 AM

Raleigh, NC North Hills eats/special occasion

My husband and I are parents of young children. Our 10th anniversary is coming up. Against all odds, my parents have agreed to watch the children for a weekend and we're going to stay in a hotel by ourselves for two nights.

We live in Cary, so the Triangle isn't unfamiliar to us, but the hotel we have selected is the Renaissance North Hills. Our goal in selecting this hotel was to not have to drive anywhere for any reason (we normally drive a lot and just want a break-- both from the kids and driving!).

I thought that surely there were plenty of fine restaurants in North Hills, but they all have mixed reviews.

Thoughts on the North Hills dining scene? Where would you go?

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  1. I sometimes take a "mom's get away" night and stay there, and I always go to Coquette. I've had nice meals there, and you sure can't beat how close it is to the hotel. I have, however, heard one or two good things about the hotel's restaurant, but don't know anyone who has actually been, which makes me wonder.

    1. Flights, the restaurant within the hotel itself (I believe), is supposed to be good. Greg Cox gave it 4 stars, but that was a couple of years ago. Otherwise, I'd say Coquette is a good choice.

      1. Coquette is my favorite, but have had good meal at Vivace, and Midtown Grille always gets good word of mouth. Or, drive just a few minutes more and go to 18 Seaboard.

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          I enjoyed 18 Seaboard a lot, but I have to say, the whole being able to walk and drink and toddle back to the hotel thing is pretty great.

        2. Another vote for Coquette, though 18 Seaboard and J. Betski's are both terrific and worth a short drive if you don't mind it.

          1. How about Vivace for dinner and Coquette for breakfast?

            (Although I have to say, I had a really nice breakfast dish at that hotel restaurant once. Something with eggs and chipotles.....)