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Place that mail orders duck breasts?

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I live in DC and can't get duck breasts locally. Anyone know anyplace that has them and ships, other then Aaron's Gourmet? Any reviews of Aaron's Gourmet?


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  1. Note that Aaron's Gourmet is certified overall by Cup-K (R' Israel Meir Steinberg), which is not universally accepted.

    1. La Marais restaurant in Times Square sells them. No idea whether they are willing to ship them.

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      1. You can see whether Pomegranate in Brooklyn will ship them to you. I know they have them (though they are very expensive).

        1. We enjoyed duck from La Marais for the second seder.

          My method: I separated the skin with poultry shears (they sell legs or breasts, skin on or off) - I made gribenes from the duck skins for use at a different meal.

          I simmered the duck with a large volume of sage rosemary and thyme tied in a cheesecloth and a couple of heads of celery in 1" lengths. Then arranged the duck and celery in large aluminum foil pans and froze it. I thawed it (at candle lighting it was still lightly frozen) and set it on the blech to simmer covered with aluminum foil lids, adding half a bottle of extremely fine sauvignon blancs to each large pan not only for taste but because we make something of a wine tasting of the seder and I am left with lots of half bottles that I use up in cooking. (Extravagant, but Pesach only comes once a year.) I kept an eye on the simmering duck during the seder.

          The braised duck was fabulous. The meat was very fine quality and the herb/wine braise worked beautifully despite my abuse of the duck by freezing and thawing it, and the long simmer while we talked about yitziat Mitzrayim.

          I am now a confirmed fan of the butcher at La Marais.

          1. Prime Butcher Baker will ship meat, and they have duck breasts. I've ordered and shipped meat packages to people in california, florida, and texas, and it always arrived timely and fresh!