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Sep 6, 2012 07:31 AM

Place that mail orders duck breasts?

I live in DC and can't get duck breasts locally. Anyone know anyplace that has them and ships, other then Aaron's Gourmet? Any reviews of Aaron's Gourmet?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Note that Aaron's Gourmet is certified overall by Cup-K (R' Israel Meir Steinberg), which is not universally accepted.

      1. La Marais restaurant in Times Square sells them. No idea whether they are willing to ship them.

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        1. You can see whether Pomegranate in Brooklyn will ship them to you. I know they have them (though they are very expensive).

          1. We enjoyed duck from La Marais for the second seder.

            My method: I separated the skin with poultry shears (they sell legs or breasts, skin on or off) - I made gribenes from the duck skins for use at a different meal.

            I simmered the duck with a large volume of sage rosemary and thyme tied in a cheesecloth and a couple of heads of celery in 1" lengths. Then arranged the duck and celery in large aluminum foil pans and froze it. I thawed it (at candle lighting it was still lightly frozen) and set it on the blech to simmer covered with aluminum foil lids, adding half a bottle of extremely fine sauvignon blancs to each large pan not only for taste but because we make something of a wine tasting of the seder and I am left with lots of half bottles that I use up in cooking. (Extravagant, but Pesach only comes once a year.) I kept an eye on the simmering duck during the seder.

            The braised duck was fabulous. The meat was very fine quality and the herb/wine braise worked beautifully despite my abuse of the duck by freezing and thawing it, and the long simmer while we talked about yitziat Mitzrayim.

            I am now a confirmed fan of the butcher at La Marais.