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Sep 6, 2012 06:32 AM

Vivant vives under the new chef M. Sota.

Because I've promised on other threads to report back on my meal today in Vivant with the new chef, a M. Sota, who has passed thru every kitchen imaginable at age 26, I'm happy to report that it's alive and well; well more than well, I had the best "burned" quail I've ever had, the freshest veggies and the nicest, best priced wine in the old (bird-shop-tiled) place; Jancou opens the joint next door Sept. 15 where he will do the cooking, wine-tasting and selling etc. The prices are up from last year when one could exit for 100 E a couple (with wine & coffee) - our bill was 119 E. The customers at lunch were all French but Jancou and staff, of course, are happy to speak English for those so inclined.

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  1. Thanks for the report John! Vivant is one of our absolute faves and I was wondering how the new chef would compare. Happy to hear the good news...looking forward to returning on our first night back in Paris in mid Oct. Also looking forward to our other old fave Chez L'Ami Jean, which I also hear will have a new spin.

    We're trying the old favorite or yours but new to us Repaire de Cartouche. The husband is game crazy so he's especially excited. Rounding things out are hopefully a return to Dans Les Landes and perhaps L'Office and/or Roseval and/or La Table d'Eugene..wheee

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    1. re: sistereurope

      How was your meal at Vivant last month?

      1. re: Autier17

        She wrote a detailed report about it. Did you not find it?

        1. re: Parigi

          No. I searched Vivant, but did not find any report by sistereurope from her trip in mid October 2012.

          scratch that, I just found it. thanks. I am cancelling the Vivant reservation.

            1. re: John Talbott

              because I was debating between Vivant and a couple of other places for that meal, and the mixed reviews for VT at this time are the difference makers.

              1. re: Autier17

                Maybe it's a lunch vs. dinner thing - were you planning on dinner? Maybe lunch is better? I wish I had loved it as much as I did the 2 previous times I ate there - I just felt let down because I had such high expectations based on my previous visits, although as you mention I don't think I was the only one who thought it was better before the change.
                I would love to hear what hounds think of the wine bar.

                1. re: sistereurope

                  If I was going for a longer trip, I would be more willing to take a chance, but your review is very much in line with what I have read elsewhere. Not that it was negative, but just not positive enough to warrant knocking one of the others off my list.

                  Our line-up is:
                  Le Meurice
                  Le Rech (for fruits de mer)
                  A la Biche aux Bois (for game)
                  Le Stella (for lunch of tripes and pig's feet that we always do)
                  Chez L'Ami Jean (because it is a place we love)

                  1. re: Autier17

                    It sounds as if you have done a good job syncing your goals with a variety of reports. And, yes, wouldn't it be lovely if we had time and opportunity to try every option? But in the meantime, and until you do, enjoy your choices.

                    1. re: sistereurope

                      I ate at the winebar tonight. Though the two of the three dishes ordered were, to my taste, under-seasoned, I thoroughly enjoyed it . The gentler prices - compared to the masion mère - along with the funky wines lubricate the experience.

                      1. re: vielleanglaise

                        Thanks, I am definitely willing to give the wine bar a try, just because I used to be SO in love...:) It should be an interesting comparison. Will report back in late January.