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Sep 6, 2012 06:12 AM

New Ramen place opened up? (The Grid blurb)

Hey everyone,

I remember reading last weeks Grid, and in the openings section there was a report that a new Ramen place was opening up on September 4, for the life of me I can't remember the name, and it wasn't one of the more lauded upcoming places like Raijin or Santouka, but I do believe it may be located around Dundas and University??

Anyone have any info?


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    1. There's a space on the south side of Gerrard, just of Yonge that indicates a ramen place will be opening up from the people who operate Kintaro. I've only driven by so I can't read the fine print.

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      1. It's called Sansotei. I pass it on the way home and it's been pretty full at around 8pm, but no lineups.

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          That's the one, thanks so much Happy Eater!

        2. Finishing my bowl now. Huge caveat that it's three days since opening so only gonna get better. Service seems chaotic but beer (sapporo and kirin bottle) and food arrived quickly so all good. Unbearably hot, worse than Kinton for me. They ran out of tonkotsu when I arrived so only had shio chicken stock. I literally never have shio so not the best to judge broth but it seemed to lack a lot of depth. Chashu and egg were both good, egg could have been a touch less well done. The big fail for me are the noodles, homemade but something about them is personally off putting. The noodles are very white and the texture is akin to al dente spaghetti, starchy and thick and a touch too al dente. Not a fan at all. Will try the tonkotsu and miso but much prefer kinton.

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            I had the tonkotsu and it was delightfully porky. Finally! I actually liked the noodles; they reminded me of my grandmother's homemade. Wood ear fungus provided textural contrast. Chashu was flavourful and melt in your mouth. If they would torch the chashu, that would be perfect.

            BF had the miso and it had a delicious metallic, almost briny, tang. Yum.

            Gyoza also stood out - thin, delicate skin. Filling not as peppery as Kenzo but still good.

            It's early days but it's my favourite so far in Toronto. Note they closed almost 2 hours early because they ran out of noodles (I think it was the noodles). And it wasn't hot at all inside yesterday.