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Sep 6, 2012 04:11 AM

Eating in the 7th vs. closer to Canal St. Martin (3rd?)....

I have booked a hotel in the 7th for a 4 night stay in October but am rethinking this and need input. I will be traveling alone and typically like to stay closer to the hotel for evening meals. I love good food, but don't think this trip will be focused on super formal dining, I anticipate looking for cozier, friendly atmospheres. I love a good 'scene' being from Toronto, but maybe not this time around...keeping it simple might be the way to go. I realize wonderful eating abounds in both areas, but given my description above and short stay, can people weigh in on prefered location?


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  1. Depends on your age, style and budget... i much prefer the 3rd and, although I might get censored, would like to sneak in a strong rec for the Hotel du Petit Moulin on the rue Poitou where I always put up friends visiting Paris.

    There was also a recent thread about solo dining... that guy was staying in the 3rd too...

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      I'd go for the 3rd too, from rue de Bretagne to the Canal by rue Beaurepaire.

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        I've stayed at that hotel and it was lovely.

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          and the concierge guy is a gem !! really knows his stuff

      2. And if you do end up in the 3rd, you gotta try Restaurant Pierre-Sang Boyer on the rue Oberkampf in the 11th. Easy walking distance. Really really good contemporary French and just a few months old so noy yet in the guide books. No rezzies. Great bar seating and a chatty-kathy friendly vibe. And open on Sunday.

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          Can we keep this one under wraps until we get a chance to visit? Please? ;)

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            Ha ha; once it's on the web Mangeur, it's fair game.

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              That is precisely what I had done so far... Just for you!

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                But, Mme Mangeur, you had your chance, no ? The foodie bees were all a-buzz and we flâneurs were all a-flutter about Pierre-Sang over the summer. And where were you ?! Dancing the tango at some guinguette in Champigny-sur-Marne or munching boulets à la liégeoise in Lille, I bet. :)

            2. Both areas abound with the type restaurants you mention. If this is your 1st visit and you don't speak French then I would suggest the 7th. If you are a repeat visitor then the 3rd would be more vibrant. Don't get overly concerned as it is very easy to get from one to the other by metro; line #8 will whisk you back and to in just a few minutes. Enjoy both areas and get back to us with your opinion.

              1. Very useful advice all round! It will be my fourth visit to Paris, but my first alone. I have only ever stayed in the 7 th, which is perhaps why I chose it. Perhaps le temps to try something new! The restaurant tips are great...especially Pierre Sang Boyer! Will report back!