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Sep 6, 2012 12:26 AM

Outside Calgary - 1 Hr?

so where does one go?
airdrie...! uh ,,
Bragg Creek?
okotoks or further?

i had great chinese in Black Diamond?

what else is out there?

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  1. Two weeks ago, I went to Kayben Farms, near Okotoks. They have U-Pick vegetables & berries (probably none left at this point in the season) but also a cute cafe called JoJo's. I had a really great (gluten free) buffalo-bbq pizza and a salad made the farm's vegetables. The GF pizza crust was one of the better GF "breads" I've tasted.

    In Turney Valley, I heard the Chuckwagon Cafe is good for a big ol' breakfast but I haven't been myself.

    Cochrane has MacKay's ice cream... homemade, rich, tons of flavours.

    Black Diamond has a European bakery that I really want to visit (for their Danish specialties) but it's not open on Sundays... still haven't been :( I heard there's a good bakery/pie place in Bragg Creek too but I can't remember the name.

    1. I've had a great meal at the Bavarian Inn in Bragg Creek. The chef/owner is brilliant. Go there.

      Also had a terriffic lunch at Bistro Province in Okotoks. Best restaurant in Alberta south of Calgary.

      While you're in Okotoks go to Hirsche Fraser meats, a really good butcher shop. Their Andouille sausage would be a hit in New Orleans.

      I've tried to go to the Chuckwagon Cafe a couple of times but the lineups were too long. A good sign, but not for impatient people like me.

      1. We`ve been going to Longview Steakhouse for years now since it`s a short drive from our ranch. Food is generally excellent with friendly service & if you have Samir(youngest son) waiting your table, very entertaining. Definitely worth the drive!
        Chuckwagon Cafe I can also recommend; Terry has a great biz with excellent breakfasts & serves up a fine burger for lunch.
        My wife is a big fan of the Bistro Provence in Okotoks, very good lunches. I haven`t eaten there myself but I`d certainly take her word for it.
        The Saskatoon Farm in the Okotoks area off #2 also merits a visit: light lunches & generally, just a fun place to spend a few hours during Summer/Fall