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Sep 6, 2012 12:14 AM

I think I have it right.

I tried to season my 10" pan & after doing it decided what to heck, I'm going to cook. This is after one round of seasoning & cooking two nights in a row. I don't think I'm cooking hot enough/ Have a gas range. I really need input.

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  1. What's your pan made of, who made it, and if you still have the instructions that came with it, what does the manufacturer recommend?

    1. <I really need input.>

      Input as in what happened, or input as in what to do next?

      It looks like a carbon steel pan. My suggestion is that you will need to reason it again. As for why your seasoning layer came off so quick, I like to know what were you cooking those two nights? Anything very acidic? Did you try to deglazed with wine? Cooked in vinegar?

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        Sorry for not giving more info. it was late. De Buyer mineral b.Did one round of seasoning w/peanut oil, looked pretty good. I cooked a Buffalo burger two nights in a row & am afraid I didn't have it hot enough as it didn't release. Had a bunch of stuff on the bottom of pan, boiled some water & cleaned with a Dobie pad. The center "clean" part is getting smaller not bigger. I think not cooking hot enough & not using enough oil is causing the problem. I'm going to try again tonight with more oil & hotter pan.Will report back. In the mean time if you folks have input please give it I'm wide open.

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          You can do a quick seasoning on stovetop. This is my input. No need to scrap the original pan. Clean the pan, dry it, then season it with oil on the stovetop (tilt the pan, so the oil rolls around), dump the oil, wipe the excess oil with a papertowel. Now, cook.

      2. keep using it and keep using it. after a stove-top season and a couple of uses, it's not going to turn all black like a cast iron skillet. Watch this video put out by deBuyer and see that the pan that they call seasoned and ready to go is even lighter than yours.

        I agree that the pan probably was not hot enough for your buffalo burger. I was going to say it will release when it is ready but by that time your burger was probably getting cooked beyond how you like it. So get that pan smokin' hot! I have the same pan and really enjoy it.

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        1. re: seamunky

          seamunky, thanks for the input, think I agree. I had seen that video & that's why along with impatience I started cooking right away. Every ones input is greatly appreciated & will keep you posted. I have a feeling with all the threads/opinions on seasoning there are many paths to the same finish. I sure hope this works. Have a good feeling it will & if not I can start over.

          1. re: pov11

            Yahoo ! seamunky, it worked. Got the pan flaming hot, added oil & let it get nice & hot threw the burger in got some splatters (wee bit to much oil) got a nice crust . I was crossing my fingers but it released perfectly. Did the other side with the same result. I was surprised the center was nice & rare. Perfect ! Thanks again,

            1. re: pov11

              Glad it worked Bob! Sounds like a great burger! I have a feeling you're gonna love your new pan.

        2. I've had great success with the flaxseed oil/oven seasoning technique.

          That said, once seasoned, I just love my carbon steel pans. They are almost as non stick as non stick if that makes any sense.