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Sep 5, 2012 09:38 PM

Getting Brownies even on all sides

I'm having a tough time making my brownies look even on all sides. When you buy brownies, it always looks the same on all sides, as if they we baked individually in their own pan. When I cut them from the pan they all look different. Hope I'm explaining this well :-)

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  1. Simply cut the "crusts" off of them.

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          I did not say they were idly discarded...

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. They also make individual Brownie pans so that each side gets a crust..

          1. There is a pan called a "baker's edge pan" that means each brownie has at least two edges. I don't have one myself as I actually like that some pieces are more fudgey than others (and how many cake pans is there room for in the kitchen?) but you may be interested. Amazon lists quite a few different ones.


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              I've had an Edge Pan for years and *love* it. All the brownies are baked consistently, with a crusty edge and a chewy or fudge center (depending on your recipe and baking time). I use it for all kind of other bars, as well as lasagne.

            2. I like a brownie with crusty edges and a fudgy-moist interior. This is easily accomplished by baking them in mini-muffin pans (15 min at 325). I spray the pans with baking spray (Pam). Use a small ice cream scoop, or a coffee scoop, to easily control the amount of batter in each piece.
              Bang the pan on the counter and invert to turn them out once the pan is cool enough to handle, then let them finish cooling on a rack.