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Sep 5, 2012 09:22 PM

Nulite Kitchen [San Francisco] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 21

Date Dined: 9/5/12

I ordered takeout food from Nulite Kitchen tonight, and picked it up at the restaurant. The place was totally empty at 7 when I went to pick up my food, but it had a classic sort of vibe that reminded me of Chinese places in New England. Apparently it has been in this spot in the Mission for 50 years.

I had an order of "homemade tofu" which i don't think was actually homemade...I think they mean more like "homestyle tofu." It came with various veggies (bok choi, peppers, mushrooms) in a somewhat gloopy but overall satisfying sauce. Pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Along w/ an order of steamed rice, my total was $9.25 for the food.

Probably won't be rushing back, but not bad.

Nulite Kitchen
3319 Mission Street @ 29th

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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    1. You are a brave explorer to venture into NuLite.

      It is apparently an institution of sorts. Once while waiting for take-out at Beijing Restaurant I started talking with a middle aged coupled who'd grown up in the neighborhood. They explained how NuLite used to be the favorite Chinese outlet for the Outter Mission and Excelsior when they were kids. Apparently they were in a different location in the '50s and '60s and did a booming business. But my memories of "Chinese food" from that time are of ersatz, oily, MSG-laden blandness, so I never thought to check out NuLite.

      The restaurant biz is such a brutal one in this town, I was amazed to learn that this place has such deep roots.