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Sep 5, 2012 08:10 PM

Best Vegetarian Cheesesteak in Philly?


I hear Govida's has a good chicken cheese steak.

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  1. What is your definition of vegetarian? Non beef? Made with some meat substitute? Or using vegetables instead of the meat? Does the cheese need to be real cheese?

    1. I'm not veg but I tried Govinda's "chicken" cheesesteak and it was atrocious because they use horrible bread, like Cisco hoagie rolls or something on that level. Since bread is the most important element in a cheesesteak it is pathetic for a veg place to get this wrong. I found out afterwards that the guy who recommended it to me orders this "cheesesteak" as a wrap. I've eaten a lot of things at Govinda's in general and found the quality of ingredients to be garbage. Frozen overcooked vegetables, cheap cheese, etc. I realize it's fast food and stuff vegetarians can't usually eat, but lots of non-veg places make great vegetarian sandwiches with good ingredients for similar prices.

      Personally if you want something hot and cheesy I would get an eggplant parm sandwich from any pizza shop. It's going to be better than any veg cheesesteak. Also check out the vegetarian sandwiches at Paesano's.

      1. mentions a veggie hoagie from Chickie's Deli using Sarcone's bread. Tuna hoagie too. Paesano's does a veggie sandwich that sounds good. I don't know what a veggie cheesesteak means, or a veggie chicken cheesesteak for that matter.

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          The Chickie's sandwich is amazing. Sarcone's makes great vegetarian sandwiches too (cold). Tony Luke's has two good hot veg sandwiches -- broccoli rabe and sharp prov, and the Uncle Mike's which is a bunch of sauteed and roasted vegetables on a roll, covered with gravy (tomato sauce) and cheese.

        2. I'm tempted to follow the trend of every other cheesesteak thread, and suggest that you try a vegetarian roast pork sandwich instead.

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