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Sep 5, 2012 07:44 PM

Post-Theatre Dining recommendations?

Going to NYC in October and seeing a show on Sunday night. Want to grab excellent small bites afterwards, but don't know the area. Any recommendations? Going to be on Broadway at W. 46th. Wanted it to be walking distance. Thx.

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  1. Most shows are dark on Sunday nights except for four. Restaurants in the neighborhood will close earlier on Sundays as well.

    What show are you seeing and what is the running time?

    If you really want really excellent, exceptional small plates at 10:15-10:30pm on a Sunday you'll have to walk a bit or go downtown.

    1. going to "book of mormon" and it starts at 7pm. I thin it is 2.5 hours. It can just be great bar food- doesn't have to be small plates. What do you recommend?

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          Book of Mormon (great show, BTW) is closer to 48th and 8th Ave, not Broadway and 46th.

          When we saw the matinee last year, we didn't actually get out onto the street until closer to 2 hours and 45 minutes after the start time. So with a short walk, estimate you'll be sitting down to eat around 10pm.

          I would look into Ardesia, Kashkaval, or Casellula in Hell's Kitchen, a short walk from 48th and 8th. There's also Totto Ramen and Yakitori Totto.