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Sep 5, 2012 07:23 PM

Need Some Options

Will be in SF for a few days and need 2 lunch and 2 dinner spots that we should not miss. Open to all types of food.

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  1. ave you seen anything listed on the other posts? something you might want clarification on? give us some options to choose from, there are over 4000 restaurants in SF

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    1. re: smatbrat

      Sorry to be so General but seafood, italian, chinese are all options.

    2. current choices of mine would be...
      lunch: pig and pie, deli board or marlowe
      dinner: kokkari estario, park tavern or original joes

      1. Caucus, a little research and guidance might help in looking for suggestions:

        Where are you staying? What is your budget? Where are you coming from?

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        1. re: CarrieWas218

          Staying at the Clift Hotel and no budget. loooking for where the locals eat for anytype of cuisine. Sorry for being general but trying get a wide range of selections to pick from.

          1. re: Caucus

            Where are you from? For example, if you are from LA and NY I would say skip sushi if you are from Boise I'd say go to sushi.

            Make sure to make reservations wherever possible.

            Here are some recent reports from visitors for you to browse:

            If you have no budget, and are not picky I would do a full tasting course dinner at either:
            Atelier Crenn, Benu or Saison

            A cal-italian dinner at:
            Cotogna, Flour + Water, Incanto (if you'd like to try more exotic parts of an animal) or Locanda.

            Perbacco and Barbacco are also options but I like the more neighborhood vibe of the others I listed over the financial district.

            Then for lunches pick based on what you are doing at that time, and what other cuisines you want to try (Indian, Sichuan, Morrocan etc.) Dim Sum brunch time is a nice option at Yank Sing if you don't mind the higher prices (warning can get packed).

            Make sure to check out the Ferry Building (esp. during the farmer's market on Sat. mornings) if you are in the area.

            1. re: Caucus

              You are going to get really wide and diverse opinions with your vague responses. The town is known for its Italian, Chinese, and Seafood.

              With no budget? I'd say Quince or Italian for Italian, Anchor & Hope or Bar Crudo for seafood, and Jai Yun for Chinese.

            2. re: CarrieWas218

              NYC. Maybe to get more specific I've been on an Octopus kick lately. Where is SF do I go?

              1. re: Caucus

                Incanto (I believe) had an octopus dish the other day. Call the day you are going to make sure they are still offering.

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                  I vacationed in Northern California last month and was also always on the lookout for Octopus! In SF, the charred octopus starter at Quince was wonderful.

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                    I've had great octopus at B44, Pesce, Perbacco, Contigo, A16, and Cotogna.

                  2. To echo everyone's comments, more information about where you're from, why you're here, etc., might help us narrow the choices instead of just throwing out random names. (If you want to know what's buzzing, just a quick glance of the board will show you what restaurants people are talking about.)

                    That said, if I came to San Francisco for just two days, this would be my choices. (But since you don't really know me, you won't know why I'm recommending these places ;-)

                    First day:
                    Lunch: Swan Oyster Depot
                    Dinner: Cotogna

                    Second day:
                    Lunch: Koi Palace (technically Daly City/Colma)
                    Dinner: Saison

                    1. If I were ever to move to NY and came back to SF to visit for two days, my two dinners would be Coi and the Quinto Quarto meal at Incanto. You're gonna get a million suggestions, probably all of them decent.

                      For lunch I like to do cheap eats, and frankly that stuff is more interesting here than the mid-range stuff anyway. I'd probably do Mexican at some point. A few tacos at La Taqueria, or a torta from Los Picudos or something like that. Burmese food might be the one Asian cuisine where SF has a clear edge over NYC; I personally prefer Mandalay over Burma Superstar, although Burmese Kitchen is good and Yamo is a fun hole-in-the-wall. Also deservedly popular are Angkor Borei for Cambodian food and Champa Garden for Laotian food (in Oakland) (not sure of their lunch hours though). Have Korean tacos come to New York yet? If not, I might head to John's to grab a Korean taco for a quick snack (but I would not get proper Korean food in SF if I were from NY). Burgers are also much better here than in NY, especially if your high-water mark is Shake Shack.