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Sep 5, 2012 06:06 PM


What in the world happened to the hyperlinks!? There was a wonderful system in place whereby if you wrote about a restaurant, the website would hyperlink your text to a page with details about the restaurant. Now those restaurant pages all seem to be gone! Please tell me they're being fixed or they're coming back. I keep hearing about folks abandoning Chow in favor of Yelp. I tell them not to, but now you're taking away one of the major selling points. Without the restaurant pages, this is no longer the wikipedia of restuarants!

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  1. Sorry, but as discussed in this thread that feature was phased out.

    1. Agreed. It was a terrific improvement introduced by Chow, a very helpful user-maintained database, and a strong selling point for the site.

      Let's hope they'll replace it with something even better. As a trustworthy member of the site team wrote earlier this year: "We are considering potential ways to bring back some of the functionality in the future. A future new mapping or linking function would be entirely different from what we have now. We are exploring ways to improve the boards format for everyone who visits."

      The more informative Site Talk discussions on the deep-sixing of the previous restaurant database are in other threads, including these:

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        Much as I love Chowhound, I think its got to get some linking capability back. its losing its relevance as a review/information finding site as people post their content on places that are easier to access

        I just came back from a trip through PA and Ohio and had to think twice about whether and where to post my reports here. Its just too complicated (do I start a new thread, do I find a relevant thread, and its hard to know whether anyone will ever see it given the incompetent search feature. If I post on Yelp. Google or Tripadvisor, its there for people to see although its buried in a bunch of undiscerning reviews and there is no discussion.

        Please help, CHOW!

          1. re: jen kalb

            >Much as I love Chowhound, I think it's got to get some linking capability back. it's losing its relevance as a review/information finding site as people post their content on places that are easier to access.

            As a fellow lover of Chowhound, I agree that it can't continue to steer users off this site for basic address/phone/contact info. That's a losing strategy. The now-defunct Chow database, while poorly executed, was a great idea and a step in the right direction. Hope a replacement feature is a high priority and in the works.

            1. re: squid kun

              I couldn't have said it better myself!