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Sep 5, 2012 05:44 PM

Lobsters to St. Croix, USVI

Hi, My husband and I live in CT. We have a Ct.friend living in St. Croix who is dealing with chemotherapy. We talked to him the other day and he is craving Maine lobster. We are seeking suggestions for places that would ship there and be fairly reasonable. All the well known web sites we tried are really outrageous and most don't ship outside of the continental Us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to you all.

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  1. Harbor Fish Market in Portland ships a lot of lobsters.

    1. Try Trenton Bridge Lobster

      1. Thank you both for your suggestions. We called both businesses and neither are able to ship out of the continental US. I guess the shipping is not reliable to be quick enough.

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          Stop by the local UPS and FED X main headquarters and ask if they ship to St.Croix and how long does it take. This might give you the answer. If they can do it overnight, then go to the local lobster dealer, but your lobsters, and they will pack them for shipment and then take them to your over-night carrier.

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            International air freight from CT to the Caribbean for a package of the weight and size required to ship lobsters and gel packs would be only a little less than airfare for a person - low hundred$. Plus the cost of the lobsters, and there may be customs delays and agricultural restrictions. It's a nice gesture, but probably not practical. Local fresh spiny lobsters are pretty good!

        2. It seems as though shipping live lobsters to St. Croix is almost prohibitive. Why not send him a gift certificate to a good local seafood restaurant? Not a Maine lobster, I know, but something that might comfort him a bit.

          When a friend of mine was having chemo treatments she was able to have dinner with us at restaurants from time to time.

          1. Lobster is expensive and shipping is expensive, I'm not sure what you consider reasonable. I would purchase a pound or two of lobster MEAT, fresh, and then freeze it solid, taking any liquid out of the containers and maybe packing it with as little air as possible in a ziploc. Then place it into a small cooler, topped with freezer ice.
            Ship for $40.00 via the USPS flat rate shipping box, and it should stay cool for the 48 hours it would take to get there. Total cost about $100 including the cooler and the freezer ice.

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              USPS does not service the Caribbean. As I mentioned above, there are customs and agricultural hurdles for live/organic cargo. It would cost more than $100 to send a hammer to my house in Turks & Caicos via DHL.

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                USPS is the U.S. Post Office. Yes they service the Caribbean and the flat rate boxes ship at the same price no matter the weight, anything you can fit in there.