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Sep 5, 2012 04:56 PM

French Onion soup with a chicken stock base (like Bottega Louie in LA)

I was listening to KCRW's Good Food and a wonderful french onion soup was mentioned that had a chicken stock base instead of beef and it was covered with provolone/mozzarella instead of gruyere on top. The bullet train has yet to be installed from here to LA so I can't go down there to try it in order to replicate it. According to the menu it has Marsala wine and it is listed on the menu as a gratinee. Though I'd love the actual recipe, I'd also love to know if other hounds have their own chicken stock version of French Onion soup. If you have tried it, is it as good as it sounds? I love French onion soup w/ a beef stock base, but the chicken sounds like a nice alternative.

It is at 57:15 in the program:

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  1. I have seen more than one chef on TV making onion soup with a combination of chicken and beef stock.

    1. There's no need for a different recipe - just sub the stock 1:1 for whatever stock is in the recipe.
      Unless it's your own home-made brown chicken stock, the color will be paler, so add a drizzle of your choice of dark sauce: soy, Kitchen Bouquet, Gravy Master, Worcestershire.... Reduce salt accordingly.

      I always make turkey stock after Thanksgiving but much prefer chicken soup to turkey soup. So I thought to combine the homemade turkey stock with beef broth made from Better than Bouillon, and that is now my preferred way to make onion soup.