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Sep 5, 2012 04:26 PM

You have been given six months to live what are your last meals in New Orleans?

I have to have turtle soup from commanders, spumoni from angelo brocatos, and a poboy from parkway. And my last blowout meal is of course Galatoire's.

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  1. Thanks for giving us a full six months. That would certainly leave time for many great meals.

    I'll place a vote for "Death by Gumbo" (prior to my untimely death) from R'evolution. Emeril's Andouille-crusted Drum would certainly get eaten at least once during the six months.

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      Hopefully it is not 6 months from today because as "roro1831" has indicated it would have to be in crawfish season and that is at least 8 months away. I would eat boiled crawfish from Schaffer and Rusich until they pulled the plug on me. Love the crawdad, properly seasoned with a nice quantity of cold beer and saltines :-)

    2. If I were given 6 months and was in NO the entire time, I'm afraid I would eat myself into a coma in about 2 months. BBQ shrimp from Deanie's Bucktown, BBQ shrimp from Mr. B's, BBQ shrimp from Pascal's Manale, charbroiled oysters from Dragos, fried oysters and soft shell crab from Casamento's, crawfish rice from Cafe Atchafalaya, beignets from Cafe beignet, frozen coffee from CDM, one of everything from Galatoire's, shrimp poboy from Johnny's, chicken liver poboy and onion rings from Mahoneys, boudin balls and pomme frites from Boucherie, and now I'm hungry so I will stop.

      1. Hopefully my last six months are during crawfish season

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          And Hansen's would have to open as well. Hubig's would be back in business because I could care less about my Celiac as well. Roast beef poboy from R&O's.

        2. I remember a similar question about this from some time ago. One gentleman replied that if he knew it was his last meal he would buy $100 worth of chicken from Popeye's and eat nothing but the skin.
          Along the same line of self-inflicted "death by food", I would go to Mosca's and have the Oysters Mosca and the Chicken a la Grande. There would be no vampires at my funeral!

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          1. re: hjacmc

            NOw that was funny I busted a gut laughing over that one.

          2. Galitoires oysters en brochette