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You have been given six months to live what are your last meals in New Orleans?

I have to have turtle soup from commanders, spumoni from angelo brocatos, and a poboy from parkway. And my last blowout meal is of course Galatoire's.

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  1. Thanks for giving us a full six months. That would certainly leave time for many great meals.

    I'll place a vote for "Death by Gumbo" (prior to my untimely death) from R'evolution. Emeril's Andouille-crusted Drum would certainly get eaten at least once during the six months.

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      Hopefully it is not 6 months from today because as "roro1831" has indicated it would have to be in crawfish season and that is at least 8 months away. I would eat boiled crawfish from Schaffer and Rusich until they pulled the plug on me. Love the crawdad, properly seasoned with a nice quantity of cold beer and saltines :-)

    2. If I were given 6 months and was in NO the entire time, I'm afraid I would eat myself into a coma in about 2 months. BBQ shrimp from Deanie's Bucktown, BBQ shrimp from Mr. B's, BBQ shrimp from Pascal's Manale, charbroiled oysters from Dragos, fried oysters and soft shell crab from Casamento's, crawfish rice from Cafe Atchafalaya, beignets from Cafe beignet, frozen coffee from CDM, one of everything from Galatoire's, shrimp poboy from Johnny's, chicken liver poboy and onion rings from Mahoneys, boudin balls and pomme frites from Boucherie, and now I'm hungry so I will stop.

      1. Hopefully my last six months are during crawfish season

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          And Hansen's would have to open as well. Hubig's would be back in business because I could care less about my Celiac as well. Roast beef poboy from R&O's.

        2. I remember a similar question about this from some time ago. One gentleman replied that if he knew it was his last meal he would buy $100 worth of chicken from Popeye's and eat nothing but the skin.
          Along the same line of self-inflicted "death by food", I would go to Mosca's and have the Oysters Mosca and the Chicken a la Grande. There would be no vampires at my funeral!

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            NOw that was funny I busted a gut laughing over that one.

          2. Galitoires oysters en brochette

            1. I would definitely have the grilled oysters from Felix's, fried pickles from Fiorella's, 400 dozen raw oysters from anywhere in NOLA, softshell crab sandwich at Casamento's, a few Bloody Mary's from the Gumbo Shop, the pan seared gulf fish from Dante's Kitchen, a table full of spicy crawdads at Cooter Brown's, breakfast twice a day at Camelia Grille in the FQ, BBQ shrimp from Mr B's, and the banana cream pie from Emeril's. Oh, and some gumbo from Dooky Chase's. We only have 6 months, right?

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                August: tempura fried buster crabs, napoleon of nougatine
                Lilette: truffled parmesean toast with marrow
                Brigtsen's: softshell with pecan meuniere
                Cafe Giovanni: crab and corn bisque (rarely on the menu)
                GW Fins: cold smoked sizzling oysters, Scalibut with lobster risotto
                Revolution/Mr. John's: crab beignets(Revolution) bone marrow sauce(Revolution) over a med rare ribeye from Mr. John's (Revolution's lacks a sufficient crust).
                Commander's: turtle soup and gumbo
                Willie Mae's: fried chicken...a large plate wings
                Pascal's Manale/Felix's: 1/2 shell
                Brocato's: gelato
                Emeril's: andouille crusted redfish(no drum, please)
                Coquette: fried oysters with peach hot sauce
                Herbsaint: porkbelly, gnocchi, short rib, duck confit, Haitian dacquiri
                Dakota: gourmet mac n cheese
                Hong Kong Market: bahn mi
                K Jean: crawfish
                Domenica: mushroom soup, lasagna bolognese
                Irene's: crabcake with macque choux
                POC: cheeseburger
                Patois: gnocchi
                Bozo's: oyster poboy
                Galatoire's: pompano with meuniere and crabmeat, martini/ olive bowl, turtle soup
                Popeyes: spicy wings

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                  Great list Jazzy! - i'll give this a go as well - these types of thread are alot of fun -for those who like to eat/dream glutonously! Listed in no particular order
                  Camellia Grill - griddled pecan pie w/ ice cream
                  R&O's - roast beef poboy
                  Boucherie - boudin balls w/ fries
                  Bon Ton - bread pudding w/ whiskey sauce, crab meat au gratin
                  Domenica - bolzano & calabrese pizzas
                  Drago's (Metarie) - chargrilled oysters
                  Luke - raws
                  August - gnocci w/ parmesan & truffle
                  Liuzza's BTT - garlic oyster poboy
                  Antoine's - oysters rock, bienville & foch
                  Bayona - duck pb&j
                  Central Grocery - muff
                  Coop's - seafood gumbo
                  Felix's - raws
                  Galitoire's - oysters en brochette, godchaux salad, eggplant, sauteed soft shell meuniere amandine
                  GW Fins - scalibut
                  Irene's Cuisine - soft shelled crab w/ linguine
                  Mr. B's - bbq shrimp, gumbo ya ya
                  Muriel's - shrimp & goatcheese crepes
                  Yo Mama's - blue cheese burger
                  POC - cheeseburger & baker
                  Commanders Palace - turtle soup, seafood gumbo, oyster absinthe dome, bread pudding souffle
                  Coquette - anything
                  Mr John's - ribyeye
                  Surrey's - corned beef/andouille/boudin hash
                  Casamentos - oyster loaf, soft shelled loaf, raws
                  Pho Tau Bay - pho
                  Willie Mae's - chicken
                  Parkway's - surf and turf poboy, shrimp po boy, turkey & alligator sausage gumbo, dirty fries
                  Domilese's - shrimp po boy
                  Bozo's - oyster poboy
                  Kid Creole - roast beef poboy
                  Brigtsen's - soft shelled crab, duck, pecan pie, anything really
                  Pascal Manale's - bbq shrimp
                  Patois - anything really
                  Lilette - marrow toast
                  Emeril's - banana cream pie, pork chop, smoked mushroom angel hair
                  Cochon Butcher - muff, boudin
                  La Boca - hanger steak

              2. I'm going to have to post twice on this. I'm going to be drinking a lot of hurricanes while I mull over all the places I'll need to go.

                I will have to eat several times at Felix's and the Acme and have lots of spumoni from Angelo Brocato's. I might not make it six months. I have never gotten to eat at at Galatoire's, Commander's Palace or Tujague's or Pascal's Manale and I will remedy that right away. I know will have the BBQ shrimp at Pascal's Manale. I haven't been to Delmonico's since Emeril has owned it and I will be eating there several times too.

                I gave up eating oysters at all, but with a six month terminal time, I will be eating oysters on the half shell at Felix's and the Acme during that six months. Oyster po-boys at the Acme and crabmeat po-boys at Felix's.

                I'll spend a lot of time eating beignets at the Cafe du Monde and drinking coffee. Thanks for giving me the six months but I think my eating choices will easily shorten that.