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Sep 5, 2012 04:12 PM

25 Burgers Open in Fairfield

A new 25 Burgers has opened on Fairfield Road in Fairfield. The burger i had (No 3) was really good and the substitutions I made were spot on. They have a fair amount of seating and parking..

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  1. Been meaning to try it. Was at the one on Rt 28 a few years ago and it was pretty good. Did you happen to notice if they had unsweetened iced tea?

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    1. re: neonknight

      Yes and they do. They also had fresh lemons which is nice.

      1. re: wblorch

        Thank you. It's on my way home from work (sound familiar JulietB? :) ), so I'll probably try it tonight!

    2. I've been there a couple times as it is on my way home from work. Opted to get a bacon cheese burger (I'm boring with burger toppings). I thought the burgers were really good, well seasoned and the staff has been great both times I have visited. They also make their own veggie burgers so i can't wait to bring one of my vegetarian friends there.

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      1. re: JulietB

        Do they make an attempt to cook to order? For example, medium-rare?

        1. re: tommy

          The ones I've been to (Matawan & Bound Brook) did. And the burger was cooked perfectly (medium-rare) every time.