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Sep 5, 2012 03:54 PM

Best way to cook rainbow trout?

Hello fellow chowhounders.

I am making Rainbow trout tonight for my man. I am thinking about just using salt, pepper and olive oil and oven cooking. I like tasting the fish. Any recommendations on other ways to cook/season it without killing the flavor?

This Rainbow trout is USA farmed. Good thick cut. Small scales.


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  1. You can also pan fry on low heat with butter and lemon juice.

    1. I sometimes stuff the cavity with a few sprigs of fresh dill when oven baking as you describe. I don't use lemon juice with fresh water fish.

      1. Also not a big fan of citrus and freshwater fish.
        I do like herbs in the cavity,dill,tarragon,chinese celery or parsley are my usual choices.

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          I like the idea of the fresh herbs. Thank you.

        2. Dredged in flour, sauteed in butter, nothing better....

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            The taste of trout is superb but delicate. I prefer to dredge in flour (for crisp skin) and pan fry in a neutral tasteless oil. And leave the tail on, 'cause when cooked crisp it is delicious.

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              I dip in milk for 5 minutes, then dredge in seasoned flour and saute it on both sides. Can remove the skin and center bone after cooking.

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                The Scots have a trout recipe where you dip the boned trout in milf [freudian slip] milk then into rolled oats then into a hot skillet with butter then brown on each side and serve.

            2. YEARS ago, when nephew was about 4-5, we went "fishing". Small-ish pojust teeming with trout... big enough to catch. Was a great outing for a little kid since he caught SEVERAL fish... ya paid by the fish! Kiinda gross, but he was enthralled when the heads kept moving after his Dad cut them off! Seem to remember, just S&P and into pan with butter/oil... and lemon to squeeze over.

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                Thats a wonderful memory to have. I haven't fished much. That recipe sounds wonderful. Thanks!