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Sep 5, 2012 03:27 PM

flat pancetta for cooking

greets once again.......i am trying to track down some place or places here in the central new york/finger lakes region of new york state that one can buy sliced flat pancetta (that looks like rashers of bacon versus the rolled up kind, citerio brand comes to immediate mind)

i want to do a salmon saltimboca and wrap the skinned salmon filets in pancetta and from what i have seen slices of lat are the way to go

has anyone seen this in their travels here in this part of new york state

thanks to all in advance!!

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  1. Are you near a Wegman's? If they don't have it at the deli counter, look for Applegate Farms brand hanging in sealed packets. The link below shows you the product, although you shouldn't have to do mail order to find it. Plenty of other supermarkets carry this brand--there's a store locator at the web site. (It's listed under Natural Traditional Italian)

    1. Saw this brand (Fiorucci) at Shoprite in Westchester today--click on where to buy, and there are several markets in Central NY that carry it. BTW, salmon samltimbocca sounds delicious

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      1. re: Marge

        marge-than ks for the post.....i am looking for "flat pancetta,,,,",

        something like this--

        trying to find mom and pop/independent delis is tougher than i thought

        tho i did find this in my travels something will pan out there

        oh yeah, the recipe for salmon saltimboca is from lorraine pascales series FAST FRESH and EASY FOOD that airs on bbc1 in england.....the recipe it not listed on her page on the bbc website..i mama'ed it and there are quite a few results, none tho are hers....all you do is wrap a skinless salmon filet in pancetta, put some sage leaves on top of the filet as you are wrapping it and lightly fry it for 8 to 10 mins turning to make sure that all the sides are crispy and brown ....give me a day or two and i will post my "TV version" of the recipe as there is noting on the website. thanks again!!

        1. re: mark111757

          Oh, ok, it's not simply thin sliced pancetta--I have never seen that! Maybe substitute prosciutto (which I use in saltimbocca)? Good luck, and please do post the recipe if it comes out as good as it sounds :)

          1. re: Marge

            i swear there are as many ways to do saltimboca as i have fingers on both hands LOL

            1. re: Marge

              marge...did not forget about is the recipe as i mentioned....i hope that it works for you........

              salmon saltimboca

              this is a "TV version" of a recipe that appeared on Lorraine Pascale's Fast Fresh and Easy food.....but there was no listed recipe on the bbc website so here we are.....and just to keep the copyright police happy, the information contained herein was compiled by me and did not come a cookbook and no cookbooks were injured the making of this recipe.....oh yeah very important, some of the measurements and other info herein were obtained by simply watching the recipe as it was presented, in some cases there were no measurements given (i will try to make note of that as i go along) ...some were given verbally

              you will need 4 skinless salmon filets, figure 3 to 4 ounces/94g to 112 grams the video flat pancetta, which looks like slices of bacon, was used.....4 or 5 were laid lengthwise, next to each other slightly overlapping, depending on low long the piece of salmon is.......lay the piece of salmon across one end of the pancetta slices.....on top of he filet lay 4 or 5 fresh sage leaves, lightly season wth some salt and fresh black pepper .... then tightly roll the salmon up in the pancetta, like you are mak,ing a swiss roll....then put on a seperate plate and do 3 more piece of salmon the same way.....put a good glug of olive oil into a frying pan and put the pan on a medium high all 4 parcels into the pan, one at a time and you should hear a sizzle when they hit the hot oil.....if not take it out and let the oil get hotter. she said to let the parcels cook for around 10 minutes tho i suspect that times may vary....make sure to turn so that all sides are golden brown and done

              toward the end of cooking put 4 or 5 fresh sages leaves into the hot oil to let them crisp up. these will be used as a garnish when plating up and serving the dish......

              this was served up with Gremolata potatoes (btw this is another "tv version" recipe)

              to make the gremolata, take a handful of clean fresh parsley, 2 peeled cloves of garlic and a splash (no amount was given) and the zest of 1/2 a lemon (again no exact amount was given) into a cup....she used a "stick blender" to mix it up into a rough paste (thop i suspect that you could use a mini chopper/food processor too).....put to the side....boil a pound or so/450 to 500 g of new baby potatoes in salted water till tnder with the tip of a knife.......drain in a collander and then return to the pot.....add a knob/1-2 tbsp of butter, a bit of salt and fresh black pepper.....using a potato masher or whatever you fancy, lightly crush the spuds.....remember you are NOT making mashed potatoes...chunky bits are more than ok here....add jhe gremolata and a handful of pinenuts and stir it all in.

              to plate up, place a good spooful of the potatoes on the plate and place one of the fish parcels on top of to it, serve with some fresh spinach (from a bag i would say) mixed with some sun dried tomatoes (there was NO mention of a dressing on the spinach at all)

              serves 4 people or 2 really hungry people

        2. Elisa---wegmans was a no go at least for the applegate farms pancetta......or at least at one of the stores that i could easily drive to.....the stuff itself looked great.....thanks for shaing

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          1. re: mark111757

            Mark, call and see if Wegman's has it at the deli counter. They slice it right there. Are there any small Italian delis in your area? Many will have it.

            1. re: Elisa515

              Boar's Head also makes pancetta. Ask your local grocery deli counters if they carry it. They will slice it any way you want it

              1. re: Maryld

                thanks mary....according to the boars head website, their pancetta is either diced or round (in a long cylinder)

                at one time tops carried boars head....dont know of anyone who does anymore

                thanks again

                1. re: mark111757

                  Mark, they have the long cylinder, and then the deli slices it so you have it flat. Pancetta doesn't actually come flat any more than, say, Genoa salami for a sandwich comes flat.

              2. re: Elisa515

                the wegmans in geneva, newark and canandaigua did not have the applegate farms pancetta to slice,,,a key word search of the website shows that there are 4 products that they carry and none are the was a good try tho.....thanks!!!

            2. I got Wegmans prosciutto and it has a center that prevents it from being unrolled. In Syracuse or Rochester, I would go to Lombardi's.


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              1. re: sr44

                i had forgotten about lombadi's

                here is the website-


                and the address is 124 north main street in fairport, ny

                thanks for sharing...will put that on the list


                1. re: mark111757

                  I think it will still be rolled, but you will be able to unroll it and use it like bacon, unlike the weird stuff at Wegmans.

              2. orderable from La Quercia:


                but I would also ring Tarry Market and ask them.
                they have a LOT of salumi options
                you're not that close, but maybe they'd also have a suggestion


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                  1. re: mark111757

                    Anything against Serrano? That's quite available, too.

                    1. re: liza219

                      nothing against serrano ham at all....just as a frustrated home cook, i would like to be able to do up a recipe with the ingredients listed and not have to make a ton of subsititutions due to some ingredients not being readily available...and from what i have found only the bigger wegmans carry it (or at least on a regular basis)

                      1. re: mark111757

                        Very true. I see what you mean (or read). I'll ask around.