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Sep 5, 2012 03:18 PM

Restaurant Owners: To tweet or not to tweet?

Curious to know how many restaurants out there not only have a Twitter account, but actually respond to users that mention you. So many times I see restaurants that are only spewing out specials, but never engage with possible or existing customers. If the person managing the Twitter account doesn't have time to manage it properly, does it still make sense to even have an account? Thoughts?

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  1. Because someone read an article that said social media was good for "branding" your business. They see it as marketing, which is a one way street they place the offers, specials and coupons, and think they are done. They do not see the "social" aspect of it. And you are right, it is a shame. Engaging with a customer, can help spread good will. The business seems more approachable, and so people would want to go to one over another.

    Using social media as an engager, rather than as a marketing tool, is a new concept and many haven't figured that out yet.

    1. If restaurants hire a pro/friend/techie to create their online accounts, even initiate their domain name, there's a good chance the latest and greatest tools are built in. Right now the hottest lineup includes: web/blog/YT/FB/Twitter/Pininterest/Groupon/Foursquare.

      Then, if the restaurant hires for ongoing edits/maintenance/communications you'll see action on at least a bi weekly basis...but given the hours in a typical day...if the restaurant has not delegated these tasks to a specific point person the stage quickly goes black...and yes, a big waste of time....for everyone. Especially for customers who love say CH, Yelp, love to post comments/reviews/ask ?'s.

      1. I work in marketing but I still can't get my head around twitter. Yes - I can see that it works as a social platform, but I am just not comfortable with the concept. It just seems too narcissistic and sycophantic for my liking.

        A lot of the general public use it to air a grievance. One UK based blogger has over 22,000 tweets in their two years of tweeting. You wonder if they should be doing something more constructive with their lives.

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          What if this form of marketing is constructive to their fan base? Who are we to judge the Tweet history from afar? Find it all about "me"....well marketing 101 is all about getting EYES on xyz...

          1. re: PhilipS

            What, do you propose, that these people that you don't know, should do to
            add to their lives to be "more constructive"? I'd like to understand.