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Woodinville Wine Tour

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My 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I am looking from something fun and romantic to do. We have never done wine tasting or winery tours and I was thinking that might be something we would enjoy. However, I know next to nothing about any of this and when I Google'd it, there is just way too much information to sift through.

What is the best way to see/taste the Woodinville wineries? I know there are many tours that will take you to several wineries but I have also heard that most of them are within walking distance and it is better to do it on foot.

Also we would want somewhere to sit down and have a nice dinner. The only recommendation I have received is for the Willow Lodge.

The most important factors for me are it must be romantic, relatively inexpensive, convenient and good for beginners.

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  1. They are relatively close by - but not walking distance (I know a couple are across the road from each other). There are some tasting rooms in Kirkland - probably elsewhere also - but they are in strip malls and not much fun. Maybe try to mimic one of the organized tours.

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      Definitely walking distance both in the Warehouse and Schoolhouse districts!

    2. A great place to start is www.winestumblr.com, they have all the Woodinville winery tasting rooms, their locations and when they're open.

      For food, Purple Cafe is always a favorite mid-level choice for the wine themed. While there are many restaurants, most of them are causal dinning (Tokyo Steakhouse, Redhook, Big Fish Grill, etc). You may be better off heading to neighboring Kirkland or Redmond after the tastings.

      1. Some user made "wine tours" Top Woodinville wineries according to Yelp: www.winestumblr.com/a/brownelldr/top-... .

        Also, wineries open 1pm Sunday www.winestumblr.com/open/Sunday-1pm (you can do any future date/time search)