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Sep 5, 2012 02:59 PM

What are your BCLS wine staples?

After spending a few months in the states, I've actually come to appreciate BCLS's wine selection, ironic as it may sound. Sure, the prices are higher and the choices are often limited at the smaller location, but at least the few good staples I've found are always consistently there, and the online stock system works well. This is in comparison to the illusion of variety down in the states, where it's definitely more convenient to grab a bottle at a supermarket in a pinch, but the chances of hunting down exactly what you want, when you want it, is actually pretty slim for me.

Currently I'm looking forward to opening a bottle of Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz, which is nice staple wine for me that I've failed to find consistently in the states. What are you favourite staple BCLS wines? I'm talking about bottles that

1) gets stocked regularly at BCLS
2) reasonably price, say under $35

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  1. Anything from Gehringer Bros-found in every outlet in the province and aimed as it is @ the middle of the market suitable for every possible occasion.

    1. I find that finding a good wine at a great price ($15 and under) is worth looking for and that I can usually find good wines over $20 anywhere I go so don't really have "staples" for them. As far as under $15 off the top of my head I like.

      JP Chenet Pinot Noir - France $13
      Good all around pinot noir. Good for cooking with such as braising or meat sauces.

      Cono Sur Pinot Noir - Chile $11.50
      Well balanced excellent for grilled meats, lamb, beef etc. and enough sweet notes to go well with turkey etc.

      Hardy's Riesling/Gewurtz - Australia $10.50 ( Crisp and clean and a go to with any fish or asian dish for me. Qualities of a good Pies-porter Riesling at half the price.

      I'll try to add more as I remember/discover them. :)

      1. I'm drinking this at the moment - a Spanish Montrasell/Mourvedre. Good with food or by itself.

        1. My staples as of late

          $15 - needs to decant for at least an hour

          $33 - awesome cab here made by Duckhorn producers in Napa

          1. Having spent a good chunk of my life a very short drive from Barossa and McLaren Vales, I love Torbreck. Check out Pertaringa Undercover Shiraz, or any of their other ones, and Pirramimma's petit verdot too:


  's no "Total Wine" or "Bev Mo" - check out one of these places on your next trip south, I think they just allowed them into Washington/Seattle