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Sep 5, 2012 02:38 PM

Breakfast etc. in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg vicinity

I am saddened to learn that our beloved Bolovo has closed. Now we must find another breakfast venue in same general area-Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Guerneville, Bodega etc; please provide suggestions. Have car will travel, staying in Santa Rosa from Monday evening to Friday afternoon.

Lunch and dinner suggestions also welcomed. We have a return rezzie with Barn Diva, will also return to Rosso, Diavola, and Big John's. Have been to Zin, Scopa, Zazu, Girl & Fig, and El Molino.

Also Thanks for the Emeryville and Gilroy recs. Turns out we will be in Santa Cruz rather than Gilroy so we will be hitting up Seabreeze Cafe.

Thank you!!!

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  1. I really like Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe in Santa Rosa for breakfast and lunch. They are close to the corner of Farmer's Lane on Highway 12. Not a "fancy" brunch place, but better than average interesting American breakfast.

    1. I would have thought it a little far afield from Santa Rosa, but since you mentioned you would go to Guerneville or Bodega, I would really recommend Cape Fear Cafe, in Duncan's Mills, for your breakfast. Just had a fantastic breakfast/lunch there on Tuesday. I was in the mood for lunch food and they gladly accommodated me at 10:30 am with the most delicious burger. My husband was in the mood for breakfast and really liked his omelette. I tasted the potatoes on the side, and they were perfectly cooked. On weekends, they offer benedicts with grits in place of the English muffin. I've tried several and they are wonderful.

      For lunch, have you tried boon eat+drink in Guerneville? Guerneville is experiencing a bit of a culinary renaissance right now. You can see the gardens right behind boon eat+drink. Their food somehow seems to have a synergistic effect: the whole seems better than the sum of the parts. The last time I was there, I had a grilled calamari salad that was exquisite, with vegetables and greens fresh from the garden. The calamari tasted like it was caught that morning.

      For dinner suggestions, I highly recommend Applewood Inn in Guerneville. For the level of cooking, I think the price is surprisingly reasonable. There's also Farmhouse Inn, in Forestville, where you will be spoiled with a beautiful setting, impeccable service and absolutely perfect food. Can you tell I'm from West County?

      1. If you're going to be wine tasting in Healdsburg, a worthy early stop is at the Dry Creek General Store (opens 630a although most wineries don't open until 10-11). We had a fantastic breakfast burrito there and they serve Flying Goat espresso. Eat on the porch. Gather your provisions for picnicking. I also enjoy the little bar attached to it. Lowkey and good for a cold beer on a hot day.

        Oh, and like many others, we loved Mateo's Cocina Latina. Well worth a stop. They have special grill menus on Weds-Thurs eves.