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Sep 5, 2012 02:02 PM

how do you organize recipes?

I do a lot of my recipe researching on line, have a few ethnic email newsletters sent to me and have a subscription to Food Network magazine and of course there is this site.

When I find a recipe I don't know what to do with it. Right now I have separate folders in my email (for Italian, Mexican, Thai etc). I have started on Pinterest (my boards are apps, mains, sides, dessert), but I cannot Pin every recipe I come across as the links are not there. For the magazine I fold down corners.

Does anyone have any unique way to organize all these? Printing it all off is not an option for me, I would prefer to have an online library and a hard copy library. Not surprisingly I don't want to spend hours and hours or a bunch of money. Just curious what you all do when you come across that 'ooo, yummy! I want to make that, but can't right this week recipe'.

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  1. It has truly changed my life in the kitchen. You can add any recipe you like electronically, categorize it the way you like, make notes, etc. It's free and amazing. I transferred all of my bookmarks and recipes from sites that didn't have good search engines, like, etc. I still have my recipe box on Epicurious because it's searchable, but for ALL other recipes online I use Pepperplate.

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      Great rec, I have been playing with Pepperplate for a couple of days and it's wonderful. One thing I particularly like is that when you import a recipe you can modify it as you like. So all my printed out recipes from web sites with hand-scrawled notes can be put into Pepperplate with those annotations.

    2. is one option but it doesn't take care of those recipes on dogeared magazine pages. I have a collection of cookbooks so I don't want a lot of magazines cluttering up the place. I scan magazine recipes as PDF documents and store them on my home computer. CDs are cheap so I make a backup CD periodically so that I don't lose the files if I experience a crash.

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        I do this if I can't find the recipe online, but most of the food magazines I read (Food and Wine, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Saveur) have most of their recipes on their websites, so I just grab them from there. Otherwise, scan and save works!

      2. I use macgourmet on my imac and my iphone and ipad. My device apps just sync with my desktop version. So convenient to have all my recipes when I'm out shopping if I decide to make something spur of the moment. I have the recipes themselves organized in a variety of folders in the app. Everything from the name of the source, to courses or type of food. So Indian, Mexican ect to preserving, fermentation, yeast breads, cakes, salads, pork ect.

        1. I use Living Cookbook: I am usually able to find most of my hard copy recipes online and then they are easy to copy into LC.

          1. Ages ago I started keeping my recipe links or self-written personal recipes at so I don't foresee going through the pain of changing to a new site anytime soon! I like it cause I can write little notes about what I changed from the original recipe.

            I do love Pinterest but mostly use it to find new recipes and once I make them then it goes to my allrecipes account with comments and all. I'm slowly trying to make specific boards for all the new things I make so I can have an easy visual of things to make if I have no idea what to cook one night. Maybe someday I'll add all the old recipes I made to the appropriate boards.

            I guess the paranoid in me fears a website shutting down completely without notice so I do print the recipes I find amazing and keep those in a binder.