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Sep 5, 2012 01:38 PM

Pizza lunch/snack in Trastevere

Hello all,

Would like the name of a great Roman style pizzeria in Trastevere to go to for a lunch/snack around 1:30 or 2 p.m. on a Friday in October? Thank you!


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  1. Pizza is traditionally dinner only fare and quite difficult to find at lunchtime.

    A casual option is grab some pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice.)

    A great trastevere spot is Forno La Renella on via del Moro 15 is a good choice. You can make a selection and go sit on the steps in Piazza Trilussa . Then wander over to Fior de Luna for for gelato on via Lungaretta 96

    My Trastevere lunch pick is Da Enzo. Loud, Roman, Casual. Good food, authentic experience. In October, artichokes will be in season and this restaurant does them nicely.

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      Thanks so much! So, just confirming...the artichokes that you mentioned they have at Da Enzo would be the same type that I'd be getting at Piperno, right? Do you think they're better than the fried artichokes at Piperno? I see Da Enzo gets great reviews! Sounds like a wonderful recommendation.

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        and if you were to pick a pizza place for dinner in that same area? Roman-style...

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          Also, is Da Enzo still located in the same place? I saw something on Chowhound that it had turned into a restaurant called Da Teo and had moved?

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            Da Teo is around the corner.

            my Trastevere pizza place is Dar Poeta It is not traditionally Roman as it has a thicker crust and unusual (for Rome) pizza toppings (they have an amatriciana and nutella pizza!)


            The famous one is Ai Marmi - it is ALWAYS packed. Hence, I have never been. When I have walked by the crowds, the pizza looks great and is the thin classic roman style.

            Viale Trastevere 53

            hard to say if the artichokes are better than Piperno...they are both really great. I also really like the roman style artichokes braised in olive oil and mentuccia - a local mint.


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              Very familiar with Da Poeta, I have it written down to check out. It seems that it's that good where I won't care that it's not traditional Roman style. :) And I would find it hard to resist that nutella/ricotta pizza!! Is Dar Poeta open for lunch on a Friday? Been googling around to find that out but can only find things that say it's open on the weekends.

              1. re: chattys82

                from the website it looks like they are now open from 12:00 everyday!