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Sep 5, 2012 12:35 PM

Recommendation for good boulangeries around St Germain area walking towards Champ de Mars

I am thinking about having a picnic int he Champ de Mars in a few days and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good boulangerie and maybe a good fromagerie as well. Also, possibly a good place for charcuterie.
Would it be best to just go to Le Bon Marche or should I go to each individual place? I am thinking some of the fun of it would be to go to all the separate stores but it could take a while to do that. Thanks so much.

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  1. l am very much not a fan of bread sold at LBM. On Rue Dominique are three bakeries, including Gregory Renard for super macarons
    On Rue Jean Nicot is Secco, which has decent bread, next door is Bellota-Bellota for justly famed jamon Iberico.
    You will also pass a branch of Androuet on Dominique.

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      Thanks Deluca. You have been a big help to me in planning this trip. I will dance at your next wedding.

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        Find me my next wife ( final wife ), then we both will dance.

    2. If "in a few days" happens to be a Friday or a Sunday, I'd go to the Marché Raspail on the boulevard Raspail between the rues Cherche-Midi and Rennes. If it happens to be a Saturday, I'd make a little detour to either the Marché Président Wilson on the ave Prés Wilson between (roughly) the place de l'Alma and the place d'Iéna (bus #63 from the Eglise St-Sulpice is perfect) or the Marché Saxe-Breteuil on the avenue Saxe (bus #87 from the rue St Sulpice or Sèvres-Babylone). All the fixings for a fabulous picnic are there. Buses are by the way a fabulous way to see Paris. Walking is great AFTER a meal but not before and not when burdened with shopping.