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Sep 5, 2012 12:26 PM

Vegetarian Take Out

We're planning a wedding and reception at the Valley of Fire and have gone from a traditional steak/chicken/vegetarian set up to a full pig roast with a baked potato bar. However, I would still like to offer a full vegetarian option that isn't, "suck it up and have another baked potato". I would like some recommendations for places with good vegetarian options that also do take out and are on the way from the main Strip (or even on the Strip) to the VoF and preferably isn't Chinese (unless it's really, really good Chinese). Price isn't really a hold back either. I love my vegetarians and want them to feel welcome at my dead-pig reception. ;)

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  1. While not really on the way to VoF, i would recommend Origin India on Harmon across from Hard Rock Casino.

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      Pura Vida Bakery & Bistro would be one good option

    2. Best Pad Thai Tofu is at Lotus of Siam and considered one of the best Thai restaurants in the USA.
      On Sahara down the street from the LV Hilton.
      Your guests will be wowed beyond belief....yes, it's that good!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I had just posted about Vegetarian in Vegas and hit on two of the three listed here.... Pura Vida has take out and catering and is at the top of my list.... My post also mentioned Pad Thai at Lotus of funny...

          here is the link to my post....