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25th (MALE) Birthday Ideas? HELP!

Hey Guys,

My boyfriend is turning 25 and I want to throw him an awesome birthday party.
I just need some ideas of places to go!

He does not like dancing, so any club/ lounge is out.
Unless its more of an upscale lounge where dancing isnt the main focal point.
Or a live band would work too..

We went to the Beir Markt (on Espenade) last year, and he LOVED it.
I just dont want to do the same thing twice in a row.
So maybe something with the same theme?

The place will need to accommodate a party/ table for about 20-25 people.
Basically Im looking for good food, good beer, and a nice atmostphere.
(Dont want it to be infested with lame kids who cant hold their alcohol).

Ideas please!!

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      I would second Beer Bistro, but not sure if it could accommodate a table of 20-25 people? .. could call and ask though.

      1. re: Kassi22

        In the back maybe? I forget how much that room holds...

        1. re: Kassi22

          not beer bistro - no 25 year old would think of that as a hip or overly fun place - it's pretty corporate and drab - but does have good beer...
          I'd go to 3030 in the Junction, fits the bill perfectly and has great food and beer

          1. re: Kassi22

            Took a look at Beer Bistro. Sounds like something he'll like.
            is there any entertainment (a band) on Saturday nights?

            Kasso22, they do have a private room so it could work.

            Looked up reviews and everyone seems to like the food and the selection of beer.

        2. Kultura? College street bar? Academy of spherical arts?

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          1. re: redhead

            Thanks Redhead,

            Kultra looks gorgeous. Would this be more of a Tapas-styled restaurant?
            I noticed they have alot of "sharing" platters.
            CSB might be a little too small and crowded for what I am looking for.

            1. re: c_snapper

              Marben operates more like a restaurant. If you can tell them exactly how many people are coming and when then they don't do very well. I went with a bunch of people from work and they actually told us they couldn't manage. btw I love Marben but not for a rowdy group that will likely have people coming late, leaving early, or not showing at all.

              I would break it up. Try something like L'Ouvier (http://louvrier.ca/) since they have large tables and can deal with groups. They also have a pretty good bar at the back. Then you can wander over to Get Well (http://getwellbar.com/) for craft beer and good music.

              1. re: ComerDemonio

                Thanks Everyone! I will be definately be checking out all of your suggestions!

                1. re: ComerDemonio

                  Thanks ComerDemonio & C_Snapper!

                  Marben's menu looks delicious. Are you suggesting that it wont be good for a big crowd? Or to let them know ahead of time/ make reservations to make sure that they can manage?

                  I do like the idea of breaking it up. It makes sense for whomever wants to just hang out and eat, and those friends who just want to hang out and dirnk.

                  Not sure if I like the menu at L'Ouvier.
                  As for Get Well; theres not much info on their website, is there a band or a Dj? and does it get overly crowded on Saturdays?

                  1. re: guarini

                    Marben is a sit down restaurant. You absolutely have to have reservations for a Saturday night and I don't often see large groups unless they are taking the entire back half of the restaurant (as happened this past Sunday evening). The food at Marben is fantastic.

                    L'Ouvier has good but not great food. I mentioned it because they have quite a few large round tables and seem to handle groups on a regular basis. The menu is interesting ... a pretty decent looking burger and a bunch of dishes with asian flavours.

                    I mentioned Get Well because of the beer selection. Music is not live but it is a fairly big place and you shouldn't have an issue getting in or having to squeeze into a corner. Friendly place with old style pinball machines and a giant rabbit.

              2. Wvrst? Open concept and can be loud though. Good taps selection, great sausages. Not sure if it's the right vibe though.

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                1. re: jlunar

                  oh yeah. great call on wvrst. but ONLY do so if the crowd don't mind eating sausages and sausages ONLY (and really good fries)

                  1. re: c_snapper

                    Wvrst is definitely a great call for this. Great sausages, great beer selection, and lots of other places nearby to go after. It is more casual/cafeteria style than Bier Markt though.

                    1. re: c_snapper

                      Thanks for the suggestions about Wvrst,
                      Not sure about eating only sausages... lol,

                      But I will most definately check it out with my boyfriend!

                  2. The Horseshoe at Queen and Spadina. However be forewarned. He may never want to leave.

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                      1. re: Doctormhl1

                        Yeah does the Horseshoe have food?
                        If so, i think this may be the perfect place!

                        Unless I do a dinner, and go there!
                        Let me know!

                        1. re: guarini

                          They have bags of chips and peanuts IIRC...

                      2. PJ O'Briens is rather nice and they have a private event space upstairs that would probably work (it is just like a little pub all to yourselves). The main rooms are friendly and the taps good. Live music is available Fridays and Saturdays.

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                        1. re: RossmanRy

                          Hi RossmanRy,

                          Thanks for your suggestions. How would you rate their food at PJ O'Briens?

                          1. re: guarini

                            Pretty good especially if you stick to the Irish fare.

                        2. I really loved Insomnia. I went there for my 24th birthday (I'm a male) and found they were able to host a party of 30 people quite comfortably. They did reserve the back lounge for me and side tables, so all my guests weren't together and some were in small groups. Not sure if that matters, but the food is good, the pricing is great, and the atmosphere was fun.

                          It does not have any dancing or live music, but there a cool dancing bar called "Clinton's" nearby. Depending on the night, they could be playing Top 40 or 90's or 80's rock. It's not a bad trek there either.

                          Alternatively, Jack's Pool Hall was where I went after Insomnia and it was a fun place. They had music and a small dance floor. Not clubby at all IMO.