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Sep 5, 2012 11:53 AM

Central Square Indian

There's no shortage of Indian restaurants in Central Square, but I'm at a loss about which to try. It seems they all offer the same $8.95 lunch buffet and hang the same faded c. 1985 Boston Phoenix review in their windows. Are there any standouts in the crowd?

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  1. Unfortunately, no. They are all pretty mediocre.

    1. No. The buffet places suck, the Dosa Factory sucks, the refrigerator case foods at the grocery stores are pretty crap overall.

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      1. re: Luther

        Granted it is not a buffet, but I think the dosas at Dosa Factory are actually pretty tasty. But then, I am a novice when it comes to eating dosas. Where else should I try them to compare?

        1. re: hungryphd

          Dosas should be light and crispy. The dosas at DF are chewy and greasy, and the coconut sambal is watery and flavorless. In the area, try Dosa Temple

      2. Agreed. They all stink.

        1. Not Indian but with some buffet items that are Indian-esque, take a look at Rangzen Tibetan. It's a cozy spot and the lunch buffet is very popular. It's one of my favorites in the square.

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          1. re: digga

            I love the AYCE lunch buffet there. Food is simple, plain, really wholesome and a great value for your lunch dollar. It's not like your typical buffet where you mostly get grease and starch. It's lots of simple food like roasted chicken parts, asparagus, fruit salad, dal, delicious pancakey steamed bread, and they've got those delicious Tibetan sauces.

          2. When we are in the mood for Indian it's either Royal Bengal or India Pavilion. Dosa Factory and India Castle are the only others that we have tried and have no interest in returning. Rangzen is good for the buffet, but I don't like it for take out.