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Sep 5, 2012 11:52 AM

One Night in Portland- Have to impress PDX locals

Where should I take them to dinner? They are clients of mine and live and work in Portland...I'm a foodie from NYC and they love discovering new "local restaurants" through me....go figure.

So where should I take them??


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  1. Ox would be my first pick right now...

    1. Paley just opened Imperial in the old Typhoon spot at the Lucia hotel.

      Nothing impresses portland foodies like a place they haven't heard of yet.

      1. Castagna...Matt Leightner opened Altera in NY to raves, and Castagna is his baby..they are continuing in his footsteps.

        1. We actually ended up at Ox- which was FANTASTIC!! Great drinks, incredible appies, amazing mains, and best of all were the sides...each and every one was delicious and super tasty. A must go to in Portland.

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            I have had a couple of really stellar meals at Ox since they have opened. I need to get back there soon... So glad you enjoyed it and that it served your purpose!