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Sep 5, 2012 11:38 AM

Alright, let's hear it. Top 5 Best Beef Rolls in SGV?

The Beef Roll needs no introduction here.

101 Noodle started it, Jonathan Gold made it famous (and ubiquitous), and now the 'Hounds are going to rank them.

My Top 5 Beef Rolls:

1. Earthen
2. Beijing Pie House
3. Mama's Lu
4. 101 Noodle
5. Mandarin Noodle House (Temple City)


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  1. Mama's Kitchen.

    Everyone else.

    Worst: Michelle's Pancake.

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    1. re: TonyC

      First time I've seen/heard a Mama's Kitchen mention in a long time...

      For me:

      1) 101 Noodle Express - probably still my fave for now, although it's close
      2) Dean Sin World
      3) Mama's Kitchen

      Never had them at Beijing Pie House or Earthen, and the others aren't worth mentioning IMO.

    2. 1. Liang's Kitchen (Irvine)
      2. Earthen
      3. 101 Noodle

      1. the ones @ Earthen most certainly look magical.

        1. Great topic ipse and thanks for the Beijing Pie House rec. I've never thought to order it there. I've pretty much stuck to the xian bing and the homeland meat cake.

          Thanks also to js for the Liang's Kitchen rec as I've not been there.

          I guess it's time to branch out from both the Alhambra and Irvine locations of 101 for my beef roll cravings.

          1. Just to clarify, do you mean Easy Earthen? I've only been able to get beef rolls at the newer, smaller location at Colima & Fullerton. Waitress at Earthen told me they didn't have them, that they were only available at Easy Earthen, something the guy running Easy Earthen corroborated...or do you have some pull we aren't aware of?

            Yes, Easy Earthen's are quite good. I also like Mama's Kitchen and 101 Noodle House.

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