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Sep 5, 2012 11:33 AM

Tasting Menu Suggestion Needed

Every year, my husband and I do a tasting menu in lieu of holiday gifts (Isn't food the best gift anyways?). We would love some suggestions on your favorite tasting menu in NYC.

In the past we have done: Marea, Little Owl, Del Posto, Le Bernardin, Babbo, Gramercy Tavern, Convivio, Alto, L'Impero

We are open to any suggestions and all types of food. Just looking for a great experience with excellent service and, of course, top notch cuisine. (wine pairings would be nice too : )

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  1. Since you have done Le Bernardin I'm guessing that would be your price point? And since this is in liue of Holiday gifts is that when you would be looking at dining?

    Of course the big guns immediately come to mind; Eleven Madison Park and Per Se but Jean George and Daniel would be excellent choices as well. A little more "non traditional" Jungsik, Kyo Ya, Kajitsu.

    Maybe this will get the ball rolling

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      Sorry forgot to mention price point. Yes, under $200 for dinner menu (excluding wine pairings) is preferred. And it would be in early December. Thanks for the suggestions! 11 Mad is definitely on the list, havent been yet.

      1. re: kam0424

        Note that Kyo Ya's tasting is a traditional kaiseki meal, but they also serve a la carte.

      2. How about Momofuku Ko or Brooklyn Fare? Esca's tasting menu is also very enjoyable.