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Sep 5, 2012 10:55 AM

Best Food At A Bar For Football Watching?

Let's skip Ainsworth, Bounce & Tonic type places
Talking about somewhere you want to hang out & not hate the crowd.
Also eat while sitting comfortably.

Where you can see ALL the games too

Manhattan ideally and below 23rd st.

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  1. shortys is my go to place for watching the game.
    sadly not below 23rd street
    66 madison bet 27 & 28th
    576 9th ave betw 41 & 42
    great beer selection, cheesesteaks & more

    1. How about the Horsebox on Ave. A and 14th? They don't serve food but you can bring your own. Lots of takeout options.

      1. Another place just a bit further north than you'd like, but worth the short trip, is Mustang Sallys; the crowd is a little older than you'd find at the places you mentioned; though the place is near full, everyone usually has a seat. Excellent pub food.