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Sep 5, 2012 10:55 AM

Unshelled peanuts in Boston

I just Hit the Burlington Market Basket and the H-Mart with no luck - looking for raw unshelled peanuts. Anyone have a sighting in the Boston Metro area?

I have a southern themed dinner coming up and wanted to boil some up..

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  1. I buy raw shelled peanuts from China Merchandise in Woburn and they do have unshelled peanuts too, but maybe roasted. Worth stopping by if you are in the area again, not certain how helpful they are on the phone. There is a Indian spice grocer in the same mall who also has a selection of nuts too, but I have had slightly better luck with CM. (I buy unshelled sometimes from Roberto's in Medford, but those I know are roasted.)

    1. the c-mart in chinatown usually has unshelled peanuts

      1. Waltham India Market.

        1. Russo's had unshelled peanuts that were labeled as raw this past weekend - all the way in the back outer corner by the broccoli/ bok choy/ sale veggies.

          1. Patel Bros. had them this past weekend. It's on Moody street in Waltham