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Sep 5, 2012 09:50 AM

LA report: Pancakes, son of a gun, others...

Had a great weekend in LA. Went there to eat, and eat we did. I had intended to try several pancake places, but my old favorite, the Griddle Cafe on Sunset kept pulling me back. Those pancakes are the best ever! We did get to John O'groats, and I had the applesauce pancakes -- verdict? eh.

Returned to Osteria Mozza. Great meal? yes. However, having had many great meals around the country and europe, nothing stood out. It was solid, tasty, but nothing exceptional. Service was very spotty in the beginning. We will not go back on future visits.
Gjelina in Venice -- maybe we ordered the wrong things -- turkey sandwich, cod sandwich and some sides -- again -- really nothing special. I'm surprised this place gets such amazing raves. Maybe I'm spoiled by great sandwich places in Philly.

Blown away:
Animal and Son of a Gun. Son of a Gun was one of the (2) best meals I have ever had. I say 2, because we went back 2 nights later. Animal was amazing too - but only had wine and beer, and a couple dishes weren't 10s. The pig ear and the duck were standouts for us. Son of a Gun's house fermented shandy -- hook me up to an iv. So delicious. The himachi, linguini and clams, escarole, shrimp toast, and oh my, that chicken sandwich -- I have dreams of that fried chicken sandwich. You cannot believe how good it is. The service was great, and we loved that both places provided the oppurtunity for so many tastes....

We are counting the days to more pancakes and fried chicken sandwiches....based on my above thoughts, and reccs for next time would be greatly appreciated!

Also, ps, had ice cream sandwiches at MILK and Coolhaus -- both amazing! Coolhaus edges out with better ice cream, but the PB cookies at MILK were stellar! We love LA!

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  1. Thanks so much for reporting on your trip. Glad to hear you had some good eats!

    1. Yay! What a great recap and now I'm psyched & made my reservation for SoG on my birthday!

      For next time? Tasting kitchen in Venice and Josie's next door for a casual lunch either on the way to or arriving for the airport. I would be interested in your take of her sloppy roast pork sandwich with fried rapini & garlic aioli.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! I will put Tasting kitchen on my list of for sure. I only eat fish and fowl, but my husband would love to eat the roast pork, so I'll add that to the list. Enjoy SoG-- have a shandy for me!

        1. re: kazmodo

          SoG was INCREDIBLE! I saw the bar manager and talked to him about the shandies, very cool! I had a sparkling rose to celebrate, but when I go back w hubby, I would love to try one! I had the lobster roll, albacore, and the linguine & clams - omg, that dish is off the hook! I have got to figure it out & make it at home....uni agli- olio, wth, awesome.... And....I ordered e fried chicken sandwich to go and three hours later, it was also phenomenal. So glad I went...

          Let us know when you come back to LA....I 'll let you know if I ever get to Philly, but my husband's h.o. Is there so I may need a rec from time to time!