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Sep 5, 2012 09:39 AM

Help with dinner rec's this Saturday

Coming into DC from Boston to celebrate my daughter's birthday and her first job. She and I love the DC food scene and consider ourselves lucky to have hit some of the best. Proof, Zatinya, Brasserie Beck, Blue Duck Tavern, Palena, Fiola, Rashika and Central to name a few.

Would love to check out something new. I have been trying to read through some threads and am trying to decide and thought maybe asking myself would save time reading!

Rogue24, CityZen, Corduroy....seem to come up often when asked this type of request.

I look forward to your advice.

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  1. Those are lovely options, but hard to get into this late. You should call them ASAP. Two that jumped out at my from availabilities at Open Table were Equinox or Cashion's Eat Place. But hurry!

    1. Other options: Blacksalt, The Source, Fiola and if you can't get a reservation anywhere you could try your luck getting into Little Serow.

      1. You likely won't be able to get in to Rogue24 with such little notice.

        If you want to go very high end I would consider Equinox or The Source. I also really love Mintwood, Eliser and Bibianna.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          Actually. I do have a reservation at Rogue24 but there seems to be mixed reviews on the boards. I also am holding a reservation with Equinox.

          Obviously I need to pull the trigger here. we will start the evening at POV with a drink. I find the DC "chow's" to have the best advice.....we have had some of our nicest evenings in the District from
          the advice on the board.If you can help me any further I would appreciate it.

          1. re: Terriwth4

            I haven't been to Rogue 24 before (not really my thing) but I have had a number of spectacular meals at Equinox in the past. Real deal mid-Atlantic seasonal cuisine. You won't be disappointed.

            1. re: Terriwth4

              Depends, do you like multicourse tasting menus with really creative cooking, or do you want something more relaxed and traditional? They are completely different in terms of concept, so I think it's what you prefer, both are very good.

              1. re: Terriwth4

                I doubt you'll be disappointed with Rogue 24. It's a special experience and a unique place.

                1. re: Terriwth4

                  If you want to go to POV for a drink, I think Equinox might make more sense logistically. On the other hand, the attitude they've installed at POV has kind of ruined it for me.