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Sep 5, 2012 08:01 AM

Our annual trek to NOLA, Oct 6-9

This is our 9th time visiting our favorite city and we never get tired of your recommendations about where to eat! This time I need to know if venturing out to Deanie's in Buckown is worth the trip, and are there any "local spots" across the river in Algiers that would be worth trying. I've heard there's some good food over there, but I've also heard it can be a little dangerous too. Looking forward to your comments!

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  1. I can't think of anything in Algiers that would pull me over for the food, but there are a few decent pubs with good bar food. The best thing on the West Bank would be some of the Vietnamese restaurants. I don't know where you got dangerous Algiers from (although there are small sections near the bridge but there is nothing there to draw you to that area.) The westbank of Algiers is not the westbank of Camden!
    I'd skip Deanies but go a few doors away to R&O. Not that Deanies is bad, I just don't think it is outstanding in any way. Many disagree as there are lines on weekends.

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      I think your comments are spot-on. I don't get to Algiers at all anymore although I used to get my Brake Tag stickers over there and there was a sandwich-soup place near the ferry landing but that was 30 years ago.

      I go back-and forth on Deanie' seems that one year thay have a great seafood fryer and then teh next year you get old grease or someone who started the cooking over too low a temp. Then it bounces back again. But R&O is always a favorite. But I do want Deanie's to do well.

      With Da Track opening in Novermber I will get out That Way More. I know, I know, the 17th Street Canal isn't next to The Fairgrounds but once I am out That Way I start thinking Bozo's and that puts me in mind of Drago's and then I think R&O. I have that basic NOLA view of where things are: you know, Paris is not far from New York..they are both across the Lake.

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        I don't know if that last line is original, but consider it stolen. It was my belly laugh for the day!

        To the OP, the known places for a stop after the ferry ride are Old Point Bar (also music venue), The Dry Dock, and The Crown and Anchor, another of N.O. so-so attempts at a British Pub. N.O. does Irish well, there are some great Hispanic places, way back there were some great Greek seaman's bars, but the British Pubs were always pretty tepid.

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          I've heard good things about the food at the Dry Dock. Definitely will venture across & give it a try! Anyone know if Fiorella's in the FQ changed owners over the last 2 years? They used to have some really great fried chicken but we went for lunch back in January & it was terrible. The 3 times prior to that, the chicken was spot on. Maybe they changed cooks? And what's your opinion on Star Steak & Lobster on Decatur? We always walk past it & say we should try it but never do.

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        Thanks collardman. The last time we were in NOLA we asked at the hotel (New Orleans Marriott) about taking the ferry across to Algiers. The two employees told us it was OK but there were some "creepy" people to watch out for. Hell, there's creepy people everywhere is what I thought! Anyway, we will make it our business to venture over for a drink & some bar food during our stay.

      3. Drive Uptown and dine at Clancy's or Patois. Brigtsen's and Boucherie are great also. Have drinks on the porch at Column's Hotel and watch the St. Charles traffic. Coquette and Lilette are also nice. Enjoy your trip.

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          I've heard good things about Patois & Boucherie so we definitely will have to venture to at least one of them. Drinks on the porch at Column's sounds like a plan too! Thanks!