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what to do with ground salmon (other than patties)

I have some ground salmon to use up, in the past I have done burgers or salmon cakes. I am looking for something different. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Toss it in salads or incorporate it into risotto or pasta, scrambled eggs or omelets, and even fried rice.

    1. Great for empanadas, sauteed with a little minced onion and red pepper flakes.

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        I am not much a dough maker, but a salmon taco might work?

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          You can cheat on the dough. Use small low-carb flour tortillas, cut out 4-5 inch circles with a glass or can, add your salmon filling, fold and use an egg wash to help crimp them and then brush on the wash and bake about 15-20 minutes on a cookie sheet.

      2. Boring reply here, but salmon works very well as a replacement for tuna in tuna salad sandwiches......

        1. How about a pasta bake with lemon, garlic and dill.

          1. I've used ground salmon as the meat in potstickers. A salmon shepherd's pie could also be interesting if you tweak the seasonings and you have enough salmon to pull it off.

            1. If know how to make stuffed pasta I would do agnolotti.

              Salmon meat, thyme, some lemon zest, ricotta. Toss with olive oil or butter and arugula. Serve with lemon and/or Parmesan cheese.

              Alternatively for a more decadent option you could serve with a cream based sauce of some sort, maybe a rose sauce?

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                my pasta making skills are lacking, but maybe I could buy those tubes and fill? or you can buy the fresh sheets, I have the small rolling cutter. I assume I would not cook the salmon meat ahead for this right? Any subs for the ricotta? it is crazy pricey here in my small town. I have some fresh thyme in the garden so that works!

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                  You'd be correct in your assumption about not pre-cooking it. I'm sure the fresh pasta sheets would probably work. As for a ricotta substitute, I'm not sure that I can think of anything in particular that would work... It would add an extra step to your recipe but here is a quick recipe for homemade ricotta:


                  Otherwise my best suggestion would be adding some creme fraiche to the plate before it is served instead of the ricotta. Though I suspect if ricotta is expensive, creme fraiche isn't going to be very affordable either.

              2. You could make a salmon pate or rillette for an appetizer if you have an occasion coming up.

                1. salmon lasagna - layer with bechamel and sauteed spinach. Different, but delicious.

                  Use as a quiche filling.

                  Put it over a white pizza.

                  1. Yes, I know I replied, but I have to admit that I am still wondering what on earth GROUND salmon is....??? Is this something normally found in certain areas??? Clueless.......

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                      I often see it in the cat food section.

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                        Yes ... available to our feline friends as a classic Paté Salmon Dinner.

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                            huh... definitely NOT what I am referring to. LOL!

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                              Ha ... in a convenient 1 pound chub.

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                                Cheese Boy, I would PM you, but this antiquated forum doesn't offer that feature so, I'll simply post my question here.

                                I gather you really like cheese. Are you a Costco member?

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                                  Yes, I enjoy domestic and imported cheese(s) of all varieties.
                                  Does Costco have something good?

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                                    The one where I live does!

                                    Every year we visit the Mousehouse in Windsor, WI. This past year, we were introduced to a new cheese none of us had ever had: MontAmore/BellaVitano.

                                    The flavor is an wonderful blend of cheddar and parmesan.

                                    The reason it has two names is the brick form is called MontAmore and the wheel form is called BellaVitano. It's the exact same cheese, just different names to designate the different forms.

                                    We bought some from the MouseHouse Cheesehaus while we were there for $17.99 per pound. A couple of months later, we looked in our local Costco for some and they have BellaVitano (again, the exact same cheese, just different form) for . . . $7.59 per pound.

                                    I say all of that to say, if you have not had this cheese yet, do yourself a favor and taste this cheese - it is awesome. And, if you have a Costco membership, look for this cheese at your Costco. Not every Costco carries it, but they are sure to carry plenty of other cheeses you'll like.

                                    Regarding cheese and Costco in general, Costco has some simply amazing deals on all kinds of cheeses from your standard two and three year aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, cheddars, goat cheeses, Romanos, fresh mozzarellas, and the like all the way to specialty cheeses such as the aforementioned BellaVitano.

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                                      Wisconsin cheeses are not normally in my rotation, but I will give ANY cheese a taste including the MontAmore and BellaVitano names you mentioned. The blend of cheddar and parmesan is difficult to pass up when you're a lover of all things cheese. : )

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                          I find it in my fish section, they basically take fresh wild sockeye salmon fillets and chop them up. It is incredibly cheap, I am not sure why, perhaps a cut that doesn't sell fast enough, but okay chopped up. Or didn't get butchered correctly? I will have to ask the butcher why they do it, it is not there all the time, but when it is I usually grab a couple and make burgers or salmon cakes. PS I live in BC, perhaps this makes a difference (a plethora of salmon?).

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                            I would imagine it's the scraps from them cutting nice neat filets and steaks.

                          1. Salmon is good in a quesadilla with some shredded cheese and cilantro, topped with sour cream and pico de gallo.

                            1. Probably too late since the original post was a day ago, but you could regrind, pass through a tamis and make quenelles. If you have some transglutaminase you can use the resulting mousse to make salmon tagliatelle.

                              Or use the ground to make fish sausage.

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                                I planned on making ravioli or agnolotti, (the ricotta was on sale!) however the pasta sheets looked unappetizing.

                                wound up with fish tacos. sauteed salmon with diced onion, spiced with chili powder. Served with corn tortillas, avocado, slaw with cilantro and lime, diced sweet peppers, sweet corn and zucchini hash on side. Made a sauce with yogurt, sour cream, lime and spices. Overall it was good,, needed a bit more spice.

                                Thanks for the ideas all!!

                              2. Try a Salmon Chowder recipe...

                                Paleo New England Salmon Chowder


                                1. Add it to deviled eggs
                                  Toss with pasta, hot or cold
                                  Add to scrambled eggs