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Sep 5, 2012 07:53 AM

Best Tribeca lunch spots?

Hi all,

Just moved to a new office on Church and Park Place. I have a two-pronged question for everyone:

1) What are the best spots to grab lunch to go from? So far I've tried Aroma, Pret a Manger and Amish Market. I heard good things about Takahachi Bakery's selections of salads and sandwiches? What else can everyone recommend within about a 10-block radius?

2) What are the best spots for business lunches? Obviously I'm excited to be close to Locanda, but any other recs (high, low, whatever) that would be good for a 1-2 course lunch would be much appreciated.


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  1. I dont do "business lunch" but some of the popular lunch options around my office (very close to yours):
    -Mangez Avec Moi - they have a sit down place but mostly people get the "banh mi" from next door - air quotes because it doesnt fit my definition of one, but is a tasty and pretty affordable sandwich.
    -Shake Shack
    -Babaghanoush (this one is controversial - they are slow as hell, the food is salty, and its infuriating to see how inefficient they are, but the falafel isnt half bad, though its served in weird portions, the single sandwich is cheap but not a full lunch, two is a little too much)
    -whole foods - considerably fresher and more vegetably than amish and replenished/kept up much better through the day, the amish salad bar starts looking more than a little sad unless you eat lunch early. its WF so, you know, its no steal, but there are loads of options (though the variety gets old quick)

    ive been on a bringing lunch kick lately so im curious what other people have to say.

    1. Cercle Rouge for casual business lunch.

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        for lunch to go, I recommend birdbath bakery. excellent sandwiches. Pecan also is a good place for a quick bite, they have a lot of seating as well.

        for a more sitdown, but still casual lunch, pain quotdien is a pretty good option. I haven't tried super linda yet, but if they're open for lunch, that might be a nicer spot to eat.

      2. Lotus Blue is also very nice for lunch.

        1. I LOVE (!) Viet Cafe. You must have the coconut noodle soup-- its one of the best soups in the city in my opinion. Rice noodles, a rich coconutty broth with bright spots of lemongrass. Comes with a choice of chicken or shrimp.

          1. Business lunch: City Hall on Duane St.
            I also enjoy the Indian buffet lunces at Tribeca Taj (Murray ) and Salaam Bombay (Greenwich)

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              Agreed on City Hall. Good lunch spot.