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Sep 5, 2012 06:23 AM

Master Chef 09/04/12 - Finale Part 1 (spoilers)

Well, now THAT was a very interesting turn of events! Could have sworn Becky would be in the finale. And I think she should have been based on past history (but as Ramsay said during deliberation, they have to judge on that night's dish only).

Becky's crappy fish-butchering skills puts her at the bottom of the final Mystery Box challenge - which was no mystery - they got to pick their OWN ingredients, and she picks something she cannot cut properly. MAJOR screw-up on her part. Her attempt to correct the painfully small pieces of fileted fish by making a loup de mer soup was a good idea, just not executed well.

Christine for the final Mystery Box win with her stir-fry. So she gets to choose between chicken legs, lamb leg, and the final leg choice (which I knew it would be), frog's legs. Christine chooses chicken legs, Josh chooses the lamb leg, and Becky gets the frog's legs, which she's never cooked with or tasted.

Based on visual alone, Josh won this hands down for presentation. Just a beautiful dish. And obviously it tasted very good, giving him the final EC win. I think Christine *would* have won the final EC had she cut way back on the creamy sauce she used in her creamed kale. That fried chicken looked amazing - and when she said she used blood orange in the coating mixture, I thought that was an interesting addition. Sounds like it worked.

Becky's frog's legs came out well - but her potatoes were too mushy and ended up being deemed worse than Christine's creamed kale. But she gets offered a job in any of Ramsay's restaurants - New York, Europe...and if she doesn't take him up on it, I'd be surprised. Kansas vs. Europe? Yeah, no contest. :-)

So it's Christine Ha and Josh Marks - the blind woman and the guy who was eliminated halfway through the contest for under-cooking a soft-boiled egg. Never would have seen that coming.

But I'm glad that Christine made it through - take THAT, Joe Bastianich, for all of your naysaying! And I'm rooting for her, although Josh will be tough competition.

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  1. So happy Christine made it! There is something about Josh that "turns me off" but he seems to be a great cook, so I'm rooting for Christine.

    1. Christine will win. I am not taking anything away from her obvious cooking chops and impeccable palate, but at the end of the day, the drama of the "blind cook" winning is too much for producers to resist no matter what Josh brings. He doesn't have a chance IMO.

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      1. re: shell22

        The producers have a say and not the judges? This would surprise me a great deal.

        1. re: dbrodbeck

          You are being sarcastic, aren't you?

          1. re: rockycat

            No I am not. Fixing game/competition shows is illegal. Now I have not read the rules, it may be the case that the producers are mentioned in the rules.

            1. re: dbrodbeck

              well since Gordon Ramsey is both a producer and judge, it's covered either way.

      2. Thanks for the update. The Labor Day holiday had me thinking it was Wednesday. Also, I'm actually surprised I've stuck with the show this season.

        Surprised that Becky (or Frank) are not in the top 2.

        If the finale involves the other contestants coming back to help, Josh may have the advantage since he can tell if the food prep and cooking is going the way he wants. Christine will have to rely on her helper's understanding what she wants.

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        1. re: dave_c

          Everyone came back for last night's cookoff, so I'm betting they won't have much place in the finale. IIRC the final challenge has been a long-form cookoff of the contestants' choice, but that can always change. What we haven't seen, unless I missed it, is a return of previous winners. Or family members, I don't think. Such a blur by this point.

        2. I was surprised Becky was 3rd as well only because anyone of them could have been third.

          Why she chose the fish, I have no clue.

          Josh seems to have a variety of inspiration - We've seen him use influences from Indian to creole.
          It might make a fun cook book.

          Christine's cook book would mirror her style and be inspirational. I think it would be a great seller.

          1. It seems pretty obvious at this point that Christine is being set up for the win. That's no swipe at Josh - I think he's proven he has a LOT of skill - but the editing just seems to be setting him up to be the fall guy/villain as best as they can at this point (emphasizing his confidence now, previously his "feud" with Frank.) I've been running a series of polls/blog entries about MC this season and Christine just kills everyone else in terms of popularity and there's not a lot of support for Josh out there from the comments I've received. From the standpoint of selling cookbooks, Christine has a lot more market appeal than anyone else in the top say, 5 or 6 contestants. So I'm pretty sure she's going to win it all.