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Sep 5, 2012 04:10 AM

Travelling to Orlando from the UK, looking for great ribs, lobster, steaks & chicken!

Hi all,

I'm travelling to Orlando for a week with my dad and I really wanted him to experience some great restaurants,

After recommendations for ribs, steaks, chicken, pizza and Mediterranean. Anything you can suggest really!

We'll be staying right next to Discovery Cove and have a car


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  1. Ok, this will be interesting because of your ribs request - nothing gets people's opinion up in the States like asking about bbq :) In my opinion, we have a number of good to great bbq spots but our ribs are not one of our top selling points. For overall bbq you can't go wrong at 4 Rivers (if you love Texas style beef bbq and wonderful sides) or Bubbalou's if you are a pork fan, particularly smoked pork sandwiches or pulled pork. Ribs are not their specialty though, and since I believe the only worthwhile rib is a smoked pork spare rib, we must range further. My fav rib in the area is in Winter Garden at a small place called Harry & Larry's. They close early so if you make the trek call ahead. I will say that its location in the old time section of Winter Garden may be a fun diversion for someone from the UK - a feel of real old time Florida - it's a small area (just a few blocks), but it has interesting shops and dining options. If you go make sure to get a cocktail at the Tasting Room - they feature unique craft cocktails made with fresh local ingredients

    Steaks are pretty much the standard corporate high end chains (Capital Grill, Morton's etc), but three other options are Christner's in Winter Park (formerly Del Frisco's) or for specific great steaks at non-steakhouse restaurants the wild mushroom dusted filet at K and the Japanese Style beef steak with garlic-soy sauce at Hanamizuki.

    Lobster - look at the web site for Big Fin and go on their special lobster night on Monday's for 1 1/2 pound steamed Maine Lobsters for $13.95. They are just fine and a fantastic deal - they also ship in great oysters from all over the US. Not really good place to get fresh Florida lobsters around here

    Chicken is easy - Pio Pio on International Drive and Kirkman. Pizza is another matter of personal taste - I really like Anthony's Coal Fired. Mediterranean is a broad category - for pan Mediterranean I like Cafe Tu Tu Tango, for great Lebanese try Cedar's, and for fresh Italian try Peperoncino's or La Luce

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      This is brilliant thank you! This is perfect!

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        I agree with Yosemite Sam on Christner's as an incredible steakhouse (the best I've ever been to) and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for awesome pizza, and I'll also recommend Bosphorous (on Sand Lake Road, very close to I-4 and also Anthony's Coal Fired) for amazing Turkish food.

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          Has it officially changed over to Bosphorous from Anatolia?

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            I do believe so, as the recently-redesigned website now lists both locations:

    2. After eating fancy schmany for a week at the Ritz, we enjoyed going to the very popular Miller's Ale House for their 'zingers' which are boneless chicken wings but its all white meat and they have different was packed and a fun place.

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      1. Really agree with the recommendations.

        Cafe Tu Tu Tango is just fun - Tapas plenty to choose from.

        Mediterranean - Bosphorous (on Sand Lake Road) - I haven't been since the new ownership but I hear it's just as good if not better. I like Cedars too.

        Pio Pio is a good one too. Latin American, Peruvian rotisserie chicken.

        I recently went to Brick House Tavern and really enjoyed it. It's a US Chain but, It's a good place to go when people may want different items, they have pizza, ribs, chicken, salads, sandwiches. I'm not sure how old you are but they also have a great beer selection. I enjoyed their deviled eggs.

        You might enjoy Padrino's - Cuban, It's on JYP near hunters creek, not to far from where you are staying.

        1. OH! If you really want to do some food-bonding with your dad, check out Texas de Brazil on the north end of International Drive. It's a Brazilian restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat grilled meats and a fancy salad bar with things like sushi and fine cheeses.

          Waiters constantly come to your table with swords full of different meats and cut off whatever you want -- different cuts of beef, chicken, pork, sausages, and more. It's a little pricey (used to be around $45 per person), but they have a much cheaper lunch special on Fridays, for about half that price and a slightly smaller (but still good) selection of items.

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            This sounds awesome! That's exactly the kinda thing we'd love

          2. One more thing: since you have a car you may want to try and get to one of our best restaurants in town - they are not necessarily expensive, but if you want to experience Orlando one of these should be on your list.

            We all have a slightly different list, but here are my top 5 overall:

            Ravenous Pig
            Luma on Park
            Tasting Room (Winter Garden)
            Chatham's Place

            With special shout-outs to The Table and Vistoria & Albert's if you really want to do it up big.

            Try any one of those, you'll be glad you did!

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              The Ravenous Pig is my FAVORITE restaurant in Orlando as well, and well worth a drive since you'll have a car anyway.

              I also recommend 4 Rivers Smokehouse, the best barbecue in Orlando (on Fairbanks, moments from I-4). As Sam said above, the brisket, pulled pork, and sides are the standouts, especially smoked jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. But the ribs are tasty too, so you can go there and check ribs off your list.

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                I like the sound of these, will add them to the list! Thanks!